Twins, Katie! Twins! Chapter 8



“You coming?” Paul Kelsey called out to Fred and Georges uncracked canopied beds.


“It’s Saturday,” one of them moaned. “Go away.”


“Suit yourself,” Paul shrugged. He closed the door to the boys’ dorm as he left. A girl’s giggle came from the interior of one of the beds.


“I thought he’d never leave,” said Angelina. She was sandwiched between both twins, an erection pressing into her from both sides.


George held onto her hips from behind and angled her so he could penetrate her. He slid gently in and reached his hand around to rub her in time with his movements.


She moaned into Fred’s mouth. He scooted closer to her and the tip of his erection replaced the rhythmic movements of his brothers’ hand. George’s fingertips gripped her as he pounded deeper and Fred twisted one of her nipples experimentally. She shuddered and came, crying out.


George wrenched her upward and unto her knees, opening her legs and bending her over. She moaned and she convulsed around him. She smelled her scent and opened her eyes to see Fred’s erection pointed at her mouth. She reached for it.


Fred felt Angelina hum around him as George pummeled her from behind. He watched as his twin stiffened and plunged into her, holding himself there only sliding out slightly before plunging again. George pulled out gently and rolled Angelina over. He kissed her gently before nodding to Fred.


Fred quickly moved between Angelina’s legs and began working himself in her.


“I really want you,” he whispered in her ear and felt her throb against him.


“I might be sore,” she whimpered. “Take care.”


“I always take care,” Fred said chuckling as he ground into her gently. Her arms wrapped around him and he felt her nails dig in slightly. “I think you need to come again.”


Angelina made a small noise that didn’t sound like she was disagreeing. Fred began running his hands the length of her body, stroking and pinching her nipples and earlobes.


Her body began to stiffen and she began moaning. Fred suddenly pounded faster. Angelina screamed. Fred felt himself pouring into her.


He shuddered against her soft brown skin and lay still, trying to catch his breath. After a while he noticed she was stroking his hair and back, whispering soothing words at him. He extended his arms and looked down at her.


She was covered in sweat and breathing deeply. He placed a kiss on her forehead and slid out of her.


“I think I’m going to have to take a bath,” Angelina said, grabbing a towel tucked under a pillow and attempting to clean herself off.