Twins, Katie! Twins! Chapter 7



Alicia giggled as she supported Katie, the two of them hurrying down a hallway, on their way to the Great Hall.


“I can’t believe you drank the whole thing,” Alicia whispered.


“Can’t believe it, either,” Katie giggled, stumbling slightly. “Can’t believe I bonked George. Don’t tell anyone.”


“You getting serious with Lee?” Alicia asked, steering her into a bathroom.


“Nothing talked about,” said Katie. “But still, I don’t want him to know until I can tell him.”


Alicia wiped Katie’s face down with a paper towel.


“You sure got sunburned,” Alicia remarked.


“Should have known better,” muttered Katie. Alicia wasn’t sure she was talking about George or her intake of sun.


“Do you think you can make it through dinner?” Alicia asked.


Katie straightened up and carefully walked a straight line through the girls’ toilet.


“Impressive,” Alicia remarked as Katie scooped water into her face and wiped it down.




Lee laughed as George whispered to him at the Gryffindor table. Katie blushed all the way down to her toes. Lee watched as Katie turned neon pink under severe sunburn. He nodded to her in amusement. She took a seat next to him.


“Hi,” she said sheepishly.


“Get a bit of slap and tickle out of your system, then?” he asked her.


“Err…” she began. “Just a bit.”


“Good,” Lee said. “Will you be my girlfriend?”


“What?” said Katie surprised, but a smile grew on her face.


“It isn’t fair of me to not commit to you and not want you to sleep with other blokes,” said Lee. “And I don’t want you to bonk other blokes.”


“Alright,” said Katie softly, kissing him on the cheek. “I promise.”


She saw George wink at her and give her thumbs up. She winked back.




“That was so smooth,” Angelina said punching George on the arm later.


“I knew Lee would react better to me telling him since he’s been spouting off to us he’s free as a bird,” George chuckled. “Didn’t occur to him she was as well. Stunned him into commitment.”


Angelina nodded in approval as they approached the Fat Lady.


“Mimbulus mimbletonia,” Fred said to the Fat Lady. The portrait swung open to reveal the portal to the Gryffindor common room. The three climbed through.


Katie was snoring loudly, her head in Lee’s lap, her body flung across the overstuffed couch in front of the fire. Lee scowled at the three.


“What did you give her?” Lee demanded.


“Just a bit of Ogden’s,” said Fred innocently. “She liked it, though.”


“Drank most of the flask, actually,” said George grinning sheepishly.


“And you didn’t invite me,” said Lee, sniffing. “I see how it is. I’m offended.”


“Sorry mate,” Fred said. “If you hadn’t ditched Charms we’d have invited you.”


“Alright then,” Said Lee, satisfied. “Now what am I supposed to do with her?” He gestured at Katie’s prone form.


“I can carry her to bed,” said Angelina.


“Don’t know if I want her to be alone tonight,” said Lee, brushing a few wisps of hair out of her face.


“What am I?” Angelina asked. “A pumpkin pastie?”


“You know what I mean,” said Lee turning a shade darker.


Angelina nodded firmly, and then waved her wand at the couch. It began to change shape. The seat seemed to be getting bigger and finally stopped when it was about the size of a queen sized bed.


“No need to injure yourself,” she nodded at Lee, who snuggled down into the couch.


Katie shifted and grunted at him.


“Lovely while she’s sleeping, isn’t she?” asked Fred with a laugh.