Twins, Katie! Twins! Chapter 6


Professor Flitwicks’s long black robes swished around his ankles as he walked up the row of desks to the front of the room. His arms were full of scrolls and he looked stern.


“I would have thought,” he began. “That a group of seventh years could do better than the scrawled blabbering I had to endure yesterday evening.”


Angelina inwardly groaned. They were supposed to describe a practical application of the Bubble Head Charm. She knew her essay was flimsy, but this didn’t look good at all. She glanced at Fred and George, who were looking at each other worriedly.


“Do them over.” He said brusquely as he turned to face the class. They groaned as one, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor alike.


“I could just fail you all,” he squeaked annoyed. “I’m sure if that’s what you want it can be arranged, it would mean a lot less work for me.”


Katie looked at Angelina, her cheeks turning pink.


With a wave of his wand, scrolls flew through the air landing soundly in front the students that had inscribed them.


Angelina looked at Fred and George. They were quite theatrical, George pretending to stab himself in the heart, and Fred banging his head on the desk in front of him. Angelina began to snicker.


“Enough, Weasleys!” Professor Flitwick said loudly. Fred and George composed themselves and he continued. “With the exception of Miss Bell, the rest of your attempts were abysmal.”


Angelina and Alicia turned to look at Katie, who was beaming.


“10 points to Gryffindor,” he smiled at her. “As for the rest of you,” his smile turned to a glare, “To the library with you and have something worth reading next time you appear before me.”


The students scuttled out of the classroom.


“What did you write about?” Fred demanded as Katie came out of the classroom.


“Practical Underwater Potions Ingredient Gathering,” she blurted out.


“Don’t know how you do it,” George said shaking his head.


“Well what did you write about?” asked Alicia.


“Getting caught in a sandstorm,” said George sheepishly.


“Getting caught in a snowstorm,” said Fred, looking at the ceiling.


“Protecting your hairdo from the rain,” said Angelina looking at the floor.


“Let’s go to the lake,” said Katie, changing the subject.


Library totally forgotten, the five of them walked down to the lake. It was a warm sunny day and it seemed a shame to be cooped up. They’d make their way to the library later.


They approached the lake and then the twins began walking around the lake.


“Where are we going?” Alicia asked.


“There’s a cove a bit of a ways down here,” Fred explained. It’s more private. He winked at George conspiratorially. He patted his book bag.


Katie looked at Angelina questioningly. Angelina shrugged. They walked for about 20 minutes before the land dipped inward into a small cove. The trees grew thick here and the area was completely guarded from prying eyes.


“Now, what’s the big secret?” Katie asked.


Fred upended his bag and the contents spilled out onto a large mossy flat rock.


“Feel it,” said George as Fred passed it to her.


“Feel what?” said Katie examining it. “It’s an empty book bag.”


Fred and George looked at each other and grinned. Katie passed it to the other girls, who examined it and passed it back to the twins.


Fred grabbed a small gold thread and pulled. The lining parted and he reached in. Angelina heard the tinkling of glass and the twins began pulling out bottles.


“Now how did you do that?” said Angelina reaching for a Butterbeer.


“Experimental Transdimentional spell,” said George grinning and taking a swig out of a small silver flask and coughing violently.


“What’s that,” asked Alicia reaching out for it.


Ogden’s,” said Fred grinning and thumping his brother on the back. “We don’t have any more classes for the day and we’re all old enough.”


“I’m not sure Umbrage would see it that way,” said Katie snorting and reaching for the flask. She took a swig and passed it to Angelina.


“Well, bullocks for her,” said Angelina grumpily. “That woman’s getting out of control.” She took a long swig and handed it to Fred.


“I wouldn’t worry about it,” said George, finally recovered. “If she gets too out of hand we can always snap her back.”


Fred choked on his mouthful of whisky and small ringlets of smoke furled out of his nose.


“I’m not sure it will be as easy as that,” said Fred looking thoughtful. He waved his hand. “We can work out the details later.”


The afternoon crawled by and the flask of Ogden’s was finally drained. The day grew more humid as it got hotter and soon the five were fanning themselves.


“What the hell,” said Angelina pulling her robes over her head. Fred and George sat upright from their lounging positions on a mossy log. “It’s too hot,” she complained.


Katie looked at Alicia. Her head felt warm from the whisky and it really was a hot day. She began undressing as well, placing her socks inside her shoes and sliding her naked body in the water near Angelinas. She felt her toes sink in the sandy bottom and saw Alicia joining them.


The twins looked stunned for about a second before they ripped their robes off and dived into the water.


Fred emerged near Angelina and grabbed her roughly.


“Excellent idea,” said George doing the backstroke by Alicia, who giggled as he passed by. She reached out a hand underwater and her fingertip passed over his spine as he passed by. He stood up quickly as she noticed him begin to rise.


Katie gasped. They all turned to her.


“Do you realize there’s Andromanes growing here?” she asked prodding something underwater with a toe.


“What?” whispered George to Alicia.


“Spell ingredient,” she mouthed back.


Katie reached for her wand and preformed the Bubble Head Charm. She then dived underwater.


“Show off,” said Angelina laughing.


Fred was standing behind her, nuzzling her neck and cupping her breasts in his hands under the dark water.


The whisky was making her head spin. The air was hot, but the cool water was refreshing on her skin. She turned to kiss him, but he dived under the water and swam away.


“Chase me,” he cried out as he emerged a few yards away and submerged again. Angelina cast the Bubble Head Charm on herself and submerged.


Alicia snorted and did the backstroke past George. “We won’t see them for awhile.”


“I suppose not,” said George shaking his head. He swam back to the log and sat down on a little ledge that seemed to run the length of the log. “You hungry?”


“Sure,” said Alicia joining him on the ledge. She found the water reached a little above her waist, leaving her topless. She wasn’t sure if it was the weather, George, the whisky, or a combination of the three, but she was perfectly comfortable.


George seemed more interest in the bag, anyway. He pulled on a silver thread on the lining of the bag and a fog of cold rose out of it.


“How do you do that?” asked Alicia, laughing.


“Trade secret,” said George laughing and pulling out a cutting board and some cheese. He soon followed with sausage and bread and began slicing them thinly. Alicia noticed the board seemed to get bigger, the more he piled on it. He passed her a makeshift sandwich and made one of his own. He leaned back on the rock and began to eat.


“There’s some fruit in there, if you want any,” he said around a mouthful.


Alicia reached into the bag and pulled out a pear.


“What a convenient bag,” she remarked.


“Comes in handy,” he said winking at her.



Fred looked down at Angelina. Her face was damp with sweat and she was regaining her breathing. Fred watched her breasts bob in the water as her chest rose and fell. He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead. Her legs began to unclench from around him and he felt himself slide out of her. His arms still held her up, but he put her down gently. Her knees buckled slightly before she regained control of them.


“Alright, then?” Fred asked her gently.


“Yea,” said Angelina, laughing shakily. “Just a bit stiff. Think we should go back?”


“Probably,” said Fred turning to look at the sun.


Suddenly, Katie popped her head out near them, gasping for air.


Angelina started and jumped backwards, knocking Fred over.


“Sorry,” said Katie puffing. “It’s just not safe anywhere.”


“Umbrage?” asked Fred whose eyes began darting to the shoreline.


“No,” said Katie annoyed. “You two, and George and Alicia.”


“George and Alicia?” blurted out Fred and Angelina as one.


The three of them cast the Bubble Head Charm on themselves and dove under the water. From what they could see, George and Alicia had hit it off.


Angelina mused whether the log was really that comfortable to be bent over and whether or not George was going to have bruised knees from the stone ledge.


The three swam back to where Katie had popped out near Fred and Angelina.


“Do you think Flitwick would see the humor of the situation?” mused Fred thinking about his next essay.


“Somehow I doubt it,” laughed Katie, long tendrils of Andromanes tumbling out of her arms.