Twins, Katie! Twins! Chapter 5


“We didn’t pay our bill,” squeaked out Katie Bell to Lee Jordan as he pulled her red robes over her head. She whipped her wand out and muttered the contraceptive charm at him.

“I’m sure the twins will cover it until I see them later,” said Lee as he tossed his own yellow robes to the side and pounced onto his bed where Katie was waiting for him. He pulled the curtains shut. “Just in case,” he said running his hand down her flat stomach and onto the patch of white cotton between her legs.

Katies head swam. Lee was hot. In the darkness she felt the tight muscles of his arms encircle her and his erection press into her leg. His mouth covered hers and her hand dipped down the front of his silk boxers. He squirmed in her hand and she reached up to put an arm around his head when she encountered his dreads. She fingered a bead thoughtfully before she began to scratch the back of his neck lightly.

Lee began kissing her neck while one hand moved her panties to the side and he probed gently. She was tight, but she seemed to be enthusiastic. Lee removed Katies bra and began running his tongue over her softness.

Her feet reached up and she grabbed his boxers with her toes and pulled.

“Hey, now,” said Lee, startled as he untangled himself from his waistband and helped her remove his boxers.

“We’re on a schedule,” said Katie, out of breath.

“Whatever you say,” said Lee pulling her panties off. He nudged gently at her, not wanting to do her any damage.

Katie grabbed his hips and began pulling him into her, slowly.

‘Very enthusiastic,’ thought Lee to himself as he pressed his lips to Katies, hoping he would distract her from the pain. She moved up to complete them. He began moving slowly, keeping his body close to hers.

“Lee!” Katie shrieked as he felt her tighten around him.

“Already?” he blurted out, feeling quite stupid once he did.

She began laughing and she vibrated around him. He felt beads of sweat pool over his brow. If she kept doing that, he’d be there as well.

“Sorry if I startled you,” she laughed. Lee began to thrust furiously and he heard the headboard banging against the wall.

“You’re going to have the whole castle up here,” Katie said, pushing him onto his back.

His hands wandered furiously over her body in the dark and he felt her bend over and take one of his nipples into her mouth.

“Katie, I’m sorry,” he blurted out as he came.

Katie continued sucking on him, although softer, and kissed him gently.

Then the clapping and whistling started.

Lee and Katie froze. Lee moved the curtain and popped his head out into the room to see most of the 6th and 7th years gathered in his dorm room.

George looked at his watch.

“An hour and 10 minutes,” he announced. “Very nearly made it, though.”

Lee groaned and pulled his head back into the enclosed area.

“I suspect I don’t want to know,” Katie said.

“You don’t,” said Lee. “Trust me.”