Chapter 3


Angelina stretched her arms lazily in the light filtering through the window of the 7th year girls dorm. She was really sore. Uncomfortably so. She groaned.

“Angelina?” came a voice from the other side of the room.

Angelina began giggling.

“Yea?” she laughed.

“What’s gotten into you?” asked Alicia Spinnet.

Angelina lay flat on her back laughing hysterically.

Katie and Alicia ran over from the other side of the room and slid in bed with Angelina. They sandwiched her in. there was no escape.

“Spill!” Katie said.

“It was incredible!” Angelina said, throwing her head back and hugging herself.

“I can’t believe it,” said Alicia. “Fred’s really that talented?”

“That’s not the half of it,” said Angelina and laughed.

“What is it you’re not telling me?” asked Katie suspiciously.

“Twins, Katie! Twins!” Angelina squeaked out.

The girls was dumbfounded.

“You meant to say….” Katie looked at Angelina questioningly.

Angelina tried to hide under her pillow.

“Oh my,” Alicia breathed.


Fred woke up and groaned. The light was shining in his eyes and he had overslept. Well, time to get ready for lunch. He rolled out of bed, away from the window and saw his twin hugging his pillow.

George was far in dreamland, Angelina was there. And oh the things you can do when gravity doesn’t necessarily apply.

In the real world, George was fondling his pillow. His hand slid up the case and balled neatly under the puddle of drool. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Fred shook his head.

“Pathetic,” he said.

Oi! Bum!” he said loudly as he threw his pillow at Georges head.

George awoke with a start and bolted up. Fred laughed.

“Done, Romeo?” he snickered out.

George reddened.

“Get stuffed,” George said with a grin pulling on a blue jumper. “I- Just- Err…”

Fred looked at him quizzically.

“Thanks,” George said with a grin.

“She sure liked it, though,” Fred said pulling on his shoes. “I wonder if she’ll want it all the time? You up for a go after lunch?”

“I am if you are,” said George. “Hope she is.”

George was amazed. Like everything else since birth, it looked like they shared everything.


Fred and George walked into the Great Hall for lunch and headed towards the Gryffindor table. Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet exploded into giggles. Angelina choked on her pumpkin juice.

“Word travels fast,” said George, amazed.

“I think they talk in their sleep,” replied Fred.

“Hello, Ladies!” called out George. He did a little soft shoe dance over to the trio of girls and put his arms around Alicia and Katies shoulders.

“And how would I be-” he hesitated and wagged his eyebrows at Katie, he leered sensually at Alicia, “of service to you today?”

Geroff!” said Alicia trying to tickle him away.

“Molesting me! She’s molesting me!” George cried out and squeezed between the girls.

Fred handed him a plate as he slid in next to Angelina. He kissed her on the cheek and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“Doing alright today?” he looked into her face.

She kissed him.

“Never better,” she smiled.

“Knock it off, you’re making the rest of us sick,” said Katie, throwing a napkin at them.


Angelina, Fred and George walked down a corridor in the west wing of the castle.

“Why are we here?” she asked curiously.

Fred grabbed her shoulders and clamped a hand over her mouth. George grabbed her legs and they pulled her into an empty classroom.

“The better to molest you, my dear,” said Fred waggling his eyebrows at her. George snaked his hands up her skirt and pulled her panties down. His head disappeared up her skirt and she squealed in surprise.

“You kinky bastard,” she accused Fred as she pulled his green jumper over his head.

He clamped his mouth to hers and handed her wand to her. She took a breath and muttered the contraception charm at Fred. He began frantically unbuttoning her shirt and easily undid the clasp of her bra between her breasts easily.

“It frightens me that you do that so well,” Angelina muttered into his mouth.

George began laughing. It felt amazing. Then he lifted his head and looked at her.

“He got a house elf to borrow one and he practiced on a pillow for a week,” George laughed as he stood up. Angelina pointed her wand at him and cast the contraceptive charm. He plunged forward.

Fred held her upper body upright on the desk and kissed her gently as George hammered himself between her legs. He brushed his fingers lightly over her nipples and whispered sweet words of love into her ear. George was digging his fingers into her thighs and a bead of sweat ran down one cheek. Fred slid a gentle hand in between her legs and brushed softly.

The contradiction of sensations was too much for Angelina. She convulsed around George and squeezed him between her thighs.

Fred and George high- fived each other and switched places. George pulled her roughly to his mouth. Angelina whimpered helplessly and Fred softly circled himself into her. His long languid strokes prolonged her orgasm and held her at a higher level.

“Do you like this, Angelina?” asked George in her ear.

“Yes,” she whispered. Fred pulled out of her and stimulated her with his tongue. He slid back in, infuriatingly slow, keeping her on the edge, but not giving her release.

George pushed his fingers between her legs and opened her wider. His brothers hair tickled her sensitive parts, now exposed to open air. She groaned into Georges shoulder.

“Do you want to come?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she blushed.

“Ask for it,” said George.

“Please,” Angelina whispered.

“Please, what?” asked Fred.

“Please make me come,” asked Angelina, eyes squeezed shut.

Fred began to thrust into her faster. George began to bite her breasts gently. She exploded and screamed. Freds thrusting gained speed and he shuddered into her. He slid out and Angelina jumped off the desk, her knees gave way.

“Gods, woman!” Fred said worriedly. “You’ll hurt……….”

Then he felt his cock slide past her teeth and down her throat. He leaned back onto the desk behind him. He gazed down into her eyes as she slid her lips down his shaft. He put a hand on her head and slid her down deeper, secretly praying she wouldn’t mind. She began to hum and cupped his hand under his scrotum.

He pushed her away suddenly and exploded on her face.

“I’m so sorry!” he cried out. Fred fished a handkerchief out of the pocket of his trousers and helped her wipe her face off. She was giggling. George let out a breath of relief.

“I didn’t think you did it on purpose,” laughed Angelina. “You looked far too surprised.” She took the handkerchief from Fred and finished wiping her face off.

“I hear it clears up acne,” said George with a grin. She hit him, then kissed him full on the lips, running a thumbnail over one of his nipples.

She turned to Fred and embraced him. He put his arms around her shoulders and closed his eyes. He kissed her on the forehead and broke the embrace. He reached down and handed her the white panties George had ripped from her earlier. She reclasped her bra and buttoned her shirt. She took the panties and handed them to George.

“I need to go,” Angelina said. “Hogsmede tonight, remember? I have to meet Katie and Alicia.”

“See you there!” Fred said, pulling up his trousers.

She straightened her skirt, slipped on her shoes and trotted from the room.

“Wow,” George said in wonderment. “That was much better than Quidditch.”