Chapter 1


“Really?” breathed George Weasley . “What was it like?”

“Better than Quidditch,” said Fred Weasley with a smirk.

“Oh stop it!” George laughed and shoved his twin.

Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter looked up from the game of Wizards Chess Harry and Ron were playing and looked over at the twins.

“He beating you senseless again?” Ron asked, looking at George, not quite able to see the board in front of the twins.

George only made a face at his little brother before he looked back down to claim a pawn.

“Not yet,” George called back.

Fred chortled into his fist.

Just then, the portal opened and Katie Bell came through the portal, closely followed by Alicia Spinnet and Angelina Johnson. All three of the girls burst into giggles at the sight of the twins before running up the steps to the 7th year girls dorm.

Fred’s color deepened and he glanced over to the trio over at the fire. They hadn’t noticed. He snuck a look at George and found him snickering. He moved a piece carelessly.

“Check,” said George happily moving a knight.

“Bugger,” muttered Fred.

The game ended quickly after that, but the twins remained in the common room long after everyone else had gone to sleep.

“Really,” Fred was saying. “We snuck up to the astronomy tower like we do every Thursday night and she slammed me to the roof and just did it. It was amazing!”

“She’s really good looking,” said George, impressed.

“She loves me,” said Fred quietly.

“Do you want that?” asked George.

“I think so,” said Fred grinning.

“Well then, congratulations are in order!” said George clapping Fred on the back. “At least you didn’t traumatize her.”

“I’m lucky she didn’t traumatize me!” said Fred. “She just pulled out her wand and pointed it at my crotch! No warning, just swish and flick and ‘Contreceptivis’ and she pounced!”

George burst out laughing.

“Well, she’s keen on you, at least.” said George with a smirk. “And she’s a damn fine Quidditch player.”

Just then there was a creak of a dorm room door at the top of the stairs. The twins fell silent. There was a creak on a step.

“Hello?” called out Fred.

“Oh, hello,” said Angelina, padding downstairs wearing blue pajamas, gray fuzzy slippers, and wrapped up in a red blanket.

“Hello Angelina!” called out both boys. She padded over to join them.

“You two are loud!” she remarked. “I could hear you laughing up the hall.”

“Sorry,” said George quirking a smile at Fred.

“I can only imagine,” muttered Angelina, cheeks darkening.

Fred took a corner of her blanket and wrapped it around him as well.

“Bit chilly in here?” he said cuddling up to her.

“I’m leaving before I get sick,” said George with a grin, standing up and heading to bed.


George lay alone in his bed staring at his canopy.

Angelina was pretty. Gorgeous was more like it.

Once, across the courtyard she had mistaken him for his twin and had blown a kiss and did this lewd thing with her tongue at him. He had 2 incredible weeks alone in his bed with that thought. His brother was a lucky fuck.


Angelina was breathing heavily on the couch in the common room, her pajama top unbuttoned, and Fred hastily pulling her bottoms down.

“I love you,” he breathed.

She pushed him up and onto his back. He sighed heavily as she ripped his shirt open, popping a couple of buttons off.

“Oh no,” he said eyes beginning to widen. She pushed him forcefully back down onto the soft cushions.

“I’ll fix it,” she mumbled and he settled back comfortably. She pulled his trousers down to his knees and mounted him.

Her breasts brushed his chest as she rode up and down on him.

Fred pulled Angelina close to him and kissed her.

With both his hands buried in her hair and his hips bucking underneath her she felt like she were flying, or at least she was feeling her climax draw nearer. She moaned loudly.


George heard a moan, faintly, coming from the common room.

He turned over in his bed, fumbling quietly for a lubricating potion under his pillow while squeezing at his erection. He closed his eyes and imagined Angelina wrapping her tongue around him. Laughingly tossing her robes open. Teasing her nipples erect through her white button down shirt. Bending over a desk in an empty classroom. He could feel his hands drag up her thighs and smack her soundly on her bottom, before he ripped her panties away and violated her.

He poured the potion over his erect penis and pumped his tight fist around himself.


Angelina’s back now pressed into the couch, as Fred thrusted violently. Small drops of sweat dripped off the red fringe above his forehead. He dipped down and caught one of her nipples in his mouth. He nipped gently. She gasped and struggled against him. He grabbed both of her arms and pinned them over her head.

“I don’t think so, wench,” he growled out into a forceful kiss. She squeezed her legs around him and squirmed. He began to grind himself into her, barely taking it out before he ground it back in. Her back arched.

Angelina gazed up at him as she climaxed around him. His eyes were shut and his mouth was open. He was smiling. She reached up and pulled his head closer to her. She drew small circles on his lower lip with her tongue. He exploded inside her.


George wiped his bare chest off with a sock and tossed it in his laundry pile. He vaguely wondered if he could pass himself off as his brother, then decided against unethical impersonation. His stomach rumbled and he looked at his clock.

It had been over 20 minutes since he had heard anything. He didn’t hear Fred come up. They probably fell asleep out there, he thought to himself.

George sat up in bed and began to pull some clothes on. A few of the house elves were bound to be up and he felt like some soup and a sandwich. They might even have some butterbeer on hand.

He pulled on his thickest socks, so his footsteps would be quiet and made his way downstairs.


Fred heard the step creak and threw a blanket over he and Angelina.

“What is it?” she whispered suddenly.

George appeared in the doorway to the common room.

“Oh!” he exclaimed. “Sorry.”

Angelina saw George in the doorway and blushed. Her nipples hardened against Freds chest. He frowned down at her, he had no idea she was a voyeur.

“Bit kinky, are you lass?” he whispered into her ear, stroking one breast under the blanket.

She bit her lip at him and flushed. Then he understood, she didn’t like people to watch. She liked twins. Or at least was curious about it.

George turned around embarrassedly, and began to climb the stairs back to bed, snack forgotten.

“I bet George would step in if you want a repeat preformance,” he nuzzled in her ear.

She shivered against him.

“Oi, George,” Fred called out. “She’s not done yet and I’ve had it. You want to step in?”