Another Postcard Chapter One



“Blast!” Severus Snape exclaimed as he reached for the postcard a large brown owl had dropped in front of him.


“Not another one, Severus?” Dumbledore asked, mildly interested.


“Yes, another one,” Snape said, annoyed. He looked at the back of the postcard. It was blank, except for his location. The front sported a picture of a chimpanzee wearing a large straw hat. Its location claimed it had been purchased in Hawaii.


“Whoever it is, they sure get around,” Professor Flitwick remarked. “This makes ten, doesn’t it, Severus?”


“Eleven,” Snape said, sneering. The former student that was doing this must have thought they were very amusing. He tucked the card into his robes and finished his breakfast.




Snape thought about the card throughout the day. Whenever he moved during the day, it slid around in his pocket, reminding him of its presence.


Snape sat in his office during lunch and looked over his lesson plan for the Sixth Years that day. He felt the card crinkle in his pocket and he pulled it out.


The first card had arrived shortly after the class of ’97 had departed. It was from China and showed a chimp in a kimono, waving a fan. He had received them at irregular intervals, but they had been coming for two years now.


Snape had first suspected the Weasley twins, but since the cards didn’t seem to have any destructive properties so they were ruled out quickly. Potter and Ron Weasley as well. They worked for the Ministry now and hardly had a moment for themselves, let alone globetrotting and sending inane postcards to a former professor.


Perhaps they were from Lucius Malfoy. He was still missing and Severus suspected his location changed often. He could be taunting him from afar.


Snape shook his head. Lucius wouldn’t do something like that unless it was hexed 20 ways to next Tuesday. He opened a desk drawer and saw another postcard with two chimpanzees on it. They were wearing little wooden shoes and holding a hookah. It claimed to be from Amsterdam. He shook his head again and tossed the newest postcard on top of his growing pile.