Severus Snape stalked through the crowded halls of Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards, his school robes billowing behind him.


They had done it to him again!


He excelled at Charms, but Potter and his lackeys had put a hex on his teacup and it had exploded the second he had started his spell!


He pulled his wand out and blasted at the heels of a first year to get her out of his way. The girl squeaked in surprise and ran away.


Suddenly a hand came out of the throng and tapped him on the arm.


Severus turned to see Remus Lupin and he scowled at the scruffy Gryffindor.


“I’d like to talk to you,” Remus said seriously.


Severus regarded him coolly for a moment before nodding. The other Gryffindors were nowhere to be found and Lupin looked as if he might have something interesting to say.


They moved away from the busy corridor, but when Lupin started for a staircase Severus abruptly stopped.


“What?” Lupin asked quizzically.


“Why can’t you talk here?” Severus asked suspiciously.


“I could, but the kitchens have food,” Lupin said patiently.


Severus opened his mouth as if to say something, but quickly snapped it shut. He had no idea where the kitchens were and the knowledge might come in handy.


They continued downwards and stopped before a portrait of a bowl of fruit. Lupin reached out and tickled a pear and the portal swung open.


The kitchens were darker than Severus expected, but the cooking fires gave off a low, cheery light. They weren’t there but a few moments before one of the small house-elves asked them if they needed anything.


“I think my aunt had something sent to me,” Lupin said. “It had to be kept cold.”


“Ah!” The little elf’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Yes, it did! Joxy will get it right away!”


And with that, the little elf ran off.


“Auntie’s going to a Muggle culinary school in London,” Remus explained. “Sends me something every once in awhile.”


“You’d think you would share this sort of thing with your friends,” Severus said flatly, the Charms lesson not forgotten.


Remus snorted. “They’d just wolf it down. You’ll enjoy this.”


The small elf returned with a small cardboard box. “Thank you sir, for entrusting us with your delivery.”


Remus thanked the small elf and he and Severus left the kitchens and settled in a nearby unused classroom.


Remus opened the box and Severus saw a small cake no wider than his hand. The top was covered in chocolate and raspberries.


“Cheesecake,” Remus said as he magically cut the cake and transfigured plates and forks for them to use.


Severus knew he should have been cautious. He knew Lupin’s secret, after all.


However, he did have quite the sweet tooth and raspberries were his very favorite.


He accepted a plate of the delicious dessert and tried to look stern as the heavenly concoction melted on his tongue.


“I’m sorry about what happened today,” Remus said sheepishly. “Don’t know what James was thinking.”


“I’m fairly certain I do,” Severus said coolly. “That he would have another opportunity to make my life a living hell.”


Lupin didn’t say anything, but, Severus noted, he had the decency to look embarrassed.


“He thinks Lily won’t date him because of you,” Remus blurted out.


“Well, I assure you, that isn’t the case,” Severus said sharply.


“Really?” Remus seemed genuinely surprised.


“Really,” Severus said bitterly. “She barely talks to me anymore.”


“I see.” Lupin looked at Severus thoughtfully. “It’s rough, losing people you’re close to.”


Severus didn’t respond.


“I’ve lost both my parents,” Lupin admitted.


Severus’ gaze snapped to Lupin. This could all have been a ruse to get him alone to make him pay for a Death Eater attack, but Lupin’s expression stayed relaxed, almost a little sad.


“I’m sorry,” Severus said stiffly, but only because it seemed like the thing to do.


Lupin shrugged. “Well, I’m obviously still lucky enough to still have family that sends me special treats. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.”


Severus inwardly flinched, but got the impression that Lupin didn’t know a thing about his family.


“I’ll talk to James about acting like a decent person now and again,” Lupin said, taking another bite of the delicious cake.


Severus nodded silently. He doubted Potter would ever be agreeable.


“Now, I was wondering if you would do something for me.”


Here it was. Where Lupin charged him with some impossible talk in exchange for a bit of cake and a good word.


“And what would that be?” Severus asked cautiously.


Remus’ gaze swept over Severus’ form and Severus was taken aback.


Did the werewolf really think of him in that way? Was he in any danger? What if he was accidentally bitten or scratched during the encounter?


Severus knew he shouldn’t, but he used his knowledge as a novice Legilimens to read Remus’ mind. He fingered his wand in his sleeve lightly and preformed the spell silently. What he saw made him blush.


However, the other boy was sincere and would never tell anyone. Severus felt himself stiffen under his robes. He put his cheesecake down.


“Can I show you?” Remus asked huskily.


Severus pulled his wand out and in a few simple movements he locked the door to the room and preformed a silencing spell. “Yes.”


Prompt: Smut, Snape, Lupin, cheesecake