Chances Chapter 2


Hermione took her place at the head table and waited for the First Years. The older students filtered into the hall and made their way to their House tables. A few students waved in her direction. She waved back, her smile a little strained.

Eventually, the First Years followed Professor McGonagall in the Great Hall. Hermione chuckled to herself and wondered if she ever had looked that young. One girl with glasses was biting her nails.

Flitwick pointed out a short dark haired girl.

“Wood’s girl,” he said.

“Oliver?” Hermione asked. “I had no idea he had children.”

Hermione knew there were probably teachers already betting on whether she’d shape up to be a Quidditch player. She sighed inwardly.

Her eyes skimmed the crowd and she froze. She wanted to run from the room, but she felt frozen in place. Her limbs had turned to ice. She expected to wake up, but she didn’t.

A head of unruly dark hair bobbed happily on top of features that could have been her grandfathers. There were a few differences, of course. The eyes were darker, the skin paler, a slight difference in bone structure.

She didn’t even hear the Sorting Hat’s song and was shaken out of her trance by the thunderous applause at its end.

“Best song yet,” Flitwick said, jostling Hermione’s elbow. She clapped her hands and smiled weakly.

“Allison, Thomas,” McGonagall announced loudly.

Hermione watched as a small blonde boy made his way to the front of the crowd. The hat nearly covered his face entirely and before long it announced loudly: “Gryffindor!”

She was going to find out his name. He might not even know he was adopted. She wondered if he was happy where he was placed.

The family they had chosen had looked happy. Middle-aged and plump their picture had waved cheerfully. A sheepdog lay in the background, napping in the sun.

“Malfoy, Christopher,” Hermione was stunned to see the boy approach the stool and watched as McGonagall placed the hat on his head.


Something had gone terribly wrong.