AN: I know they’re supposed to move, but I had the incident happen in Godric’s Hallow. If Ariana was attacked by local boys they could be from the next town over and they could have been stealing apples from the orchard or something.




Aberforth Dumbledore sat in a creaky wooden chair out on the verandah he shared with his siblings and looked at his older brother.


Albus seemed distant these days, especially after he had gotten the last letter from his globe-trotting friend, Elphias.


‘You can go, Albus.’ Aberforth had insisted. ‘We’ll be fine for a month. No one has to know.’


‘I’d know.’


And that was all there had been to say on the subject.


Today Albus sat alone near a small table, waiting for an owl from Gellert, the young man that was staying with the Widow Bagshot. They always seemed to find comfort in each other, especially now that they were both stuck in places they didn’t want to be.


The white paint was peeling off of the chair Albus was sitting in. Mother would always have them repainted each year, but when Albus had asked Aberforth to do it this year, Aberforth had told Albus he’d get to it, but planned to put it off indefinitely. Albus hadn’t mentioned it again, at least.


“I’m going to go check on Ariana.” Aberforth cleared his throat. His blue robes rustled as he shifted in his chair. “I may be able to convince her to take a turn around the garden.”


Albus said nothing, but turned his head slightly and nodded.


Aberforth let out a breath. Albus was lost in his thoughts and wouldn’t be doing anything until that damnable owl showed up.


Aberforth’s hard boots made a thumping sound as he walked across the verandah and through the screen door into the kitchen. He gathered some food in a small basket, along with a small bottle of elf made wine and started out for Ariana’s room.


To say the room was in the cellar was only sort of true. To say her room was connected to the cellar was far more accurate.


After she had been attacked, her terror had smashed out all the glass windows in the house. Their father had been right to rush her down to his laboratory for medical care and questioning. When Aberforth had gone down to help their mother cut large pieces of earth away from the cellar wall to make a corridor, the stone blocks set into the earth that made the floor of the laboratory had melted together and the floor was now seamless. The legs of the wooden chairs and tables had a charred look to them.


Aberforth had helped his mother cut out the long corridor that led away from the village they lived in. She had explained to him that if Ariana had a nightmare, it would be better if she was away from other people so no one else was harmed.


His mother looked so sad, as if she had accepted this as inevitability rather than a possibility.


But he had done as he was told.


He dug past the village, and then carved out a descending staircase when he had encountered the roots of the mighty oak trees that flourished in the woods nearby. He dug until water started slowly seeping in through the walls. Then his mother had come down to examine the damage and to fortify the walls of the corridor.


Then she said they had come far enough and she helped him carve out a large room, reinforcing it with every possible form of magic she could think of.


Albus was charged with helping their mother install false windows that projected outside images and creating a lighting spell that would create a cheery feel in the underground room.


They had already taken away their father to Azkaban by this time. It hadn’t taken him long to find the boys and it hadn’t taken the Aurors long to find him.


Aberforth had smoothed out the white stone walls and had transfigured them into carvings of sea animals and panoramas of the beach. His mother had kissed the top of his head and told him he was a thoughtful little boy.


Then he had heard his mother and brother talking about spontaneous combustion and how if the walls gave way the water was sure to flood the room. It was spelled to keep things from getting in, but nothing for preventing a sizable explosion on the inside of the room causing the walls to lose their stability.


It was if they had expected her to die quickly.


Aberforth watched as his mother had tried to explain why Ariana had to have a new room: because her magic was not under control and she might hurt people with her nightmares.


But Ariana hadn’t died. She had lived.


But their parents had died, and that had left Albus in charge.


Poor Albus. He had the world at his fingertips, just having left Hogwarts. After observing Ariana for years he had developed new magical theories derived from her random spurts of magic. He had apprenticeship offers from all over Europe. He was supposed to be seeing the world.


Instead, Albus was sitting at home caring for Ariana, and Aberforth was going back to school soon.


Aberforth had tried to tell Albus he was a better person to care for her. He knew her schedule. Her likes and dislikes.


She forgot about magic when she was with him. No one else understood that. They kept trying to get her used to magic, rather than look into the idea of just living as Muggles. That she would be better off living with them and forgetting about magic.


But Albus had insisted that Aberforth go back to Hogwarts in the fall. ‘One more year,’ Albus had insisted.


So he was going back. Just one more year. Just to take his O.W.L.’s. Then he got to come home to care for his sister. More than that, if his plan panned out.


Not like that would matter at all if they lived as Muggles, but Albus didn’t know that. And perhaps knowing a bit more magic would be best if they had an emergency. It wasn’t as if Aberforth planned to snap his wand in two.


He walked by an open window in the kitchen and spotted some fresh red blooms on the bush near the window. He stopped for a moment and waved his wand. Several of the blooms snapped off the bush and arranged themselves on top of the items in the basket.


He opened the door to the cellar and started his descent downwards. The door that led to her room had a dark red scroll case attached to the heavy steel. It was enchanted to only be opened by an Auror. It explained Ariana’s affliction, in case someone took it into their head Ariana was a hostage and needed to be rescued. Scaring her could prove to be fatal.


A well lit corridor stretched out before him, light wood paneling and non-magical portraits lining the walls, soft brown carpeting covering the floor. He wanted to apperate to her room, but he feared that would cause her to have an episode.


So he walked. Walked to the staircase at the edge of the forest. Walked down to the light blue hallway with walls textured like waves and a white floor that seemed to be made of sand.


He stopped at a white door with a starfish engraved on it and knocked softly.


“Come in!”


Aberforth smoothed down his robes and tried in vain to smooth down his wavy brown hair before walking into the room.


“I brought you a new book!” Aberforth said as he walked into his sister’s room.


Ariana sat on the edge of her bed, watching the artificial windows’ view of the seashore. She turned and smiled at her brother, her blue eyes twinkling. “Is it one about strumpets and all sorts of inappropriate behavior?”


“Of course!” Aberforth said, smiling. “Just don’t tell Albus. He’d have my head.”


Aberforth reached into his robes and pulled out a book wrapped in plain brown paper. He tossed it at his sister and watched as she snatched it out of the air.


It was such a shame she was so uncontrollable. She’d have made a wonderful seeker.


She tore the paper off excitedly and read the cover: Arabian Nights: Volume One.


“Thank you Aberforth!” Her smile was brilliant and lit up the room, her corn silk hair wispy around her face. Her light pink robes enhancing the natural blush to her cheeks. She jumped up and threw her arms around him. He breathed in the smell of her hair. “Is it really about strumpets?”


“I believe there is at least one strumpet in there somewhere,” Aberforth assured her with a smile.


“How exciting!” Ariana smiled mischievously before she set her new book aside and started poking around in the basket of food he had brought her.


“Oh! A bottle of father’s finest!” Ariana said as she pulled the bottle out of the basket. “What’s the occasion?”


“You might want to have a swig of that.” Aberforth warned as he walked over to a small white table and set the basket down.


She pulled the cork out with her fingers and sniffed at it. “You’ve already been at this!”


“I poured some over the roast we’re having for dinner. Stop complaining,” Aberforth chided as he pulled out a loaf of bread from the basket.


She drank from the bottle and wiped the corners of her mouth daintily with a lace handkerchief before burping.


“How ladylike.” Aberforth chuckled.


“So what’s the bad news?” Ariana asked nervously. Aberforth looked at the slight purple stain on her upper lip.


“School will be starting in two weeks.” Aberforth felt his heart fall as he watched his sister’s expression change. “Oh, don’t do that.”


Ariana shook her head furiously as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. “I know. I know you have to go.”


“I don’t have to go,” Aberforth said bitterly. “Albus could school me here. I could go to the O.W.L.’s when they’re taken and stay home for the year.”


“It’s better for you at the school,” Ariana’s bottom lip trembled. “They can teach you control better.”


“I don’t have the same problems you do,” Aberforth said exasperatedly. “I can’t do what you do! You’re a wonder!”


“I wish I was a Muggle and we were all Muggles and you didn’t have to go anywhere,” Ariana started sobbing and Aberforth went to her and led her to her bed. He sat her down on the edge and put his arms around her.


“Sometimes I wish that too,” Aberforth murmured to her as her hands clung to his robes and her felt her body shake as she cried out her frustration.


He rocked her and stroked her shoulders gently as he tried to calm her down. After a bit she quieted down and just sat with her head on his shoulder, breathing in sync with him.


It was a trick he had taught to her when they were young: to match her breathing to his when she was upset. It had helped calm down her magical tremors and always seemed to balance her.


Aberforth ran his fingers through his sisters’ hair and cupped her cheek with one hand.


“You will be home for Christmas?” Ariana asked, barely above a whisper.


“Of course,” Aberforth kissed her forehead gently. Like he would stay away the first Christmas they were actually orphans.


“I miss you when you’re gone.” Ariana confessed.


“I know. I miss you as well,” Aberforth squeezed his eyes shut. It would do no good for him to start crying as well.


“But we’re going to run off together,” Ariana said as she snuggled closer to him. “And things will be better then.”


Aberforth froze. “Have you been hearing thoughts again?”


“It helps if you don’t shout them out,” Ariana said sheepishly. “You’re loud. Not like Albus. He whispers his thoughts as if he’s afraid of them.”


Aberforth nodded. Albus was probably feeling guilty about feeling bitter over having to care for them. No wonder he’s been talking to Gellert so much. He’s probably the only person keeping him sane.


“It was just an idea,” Aberforth said quickly. “We need to learn more about living with Muggles first. We just think it’s safer, but their world is dangerous as well. We may be worse off with them.”


“There’s no magic where they are,” Ariana said wistfully. “How bad could it be?”


Aberforth looked at her skeptically. “I hear Muggle London can be pretty rough. Leaving magic behind means we can’t use it to protect ourselves as well.”


“But we have an option now,” Ariana said softly as she raised her head and studied his face.


“Yes, we do.”


Then she had kissed him.


He knew it was wrong. He was older. He was worldlier. (Or as least as worldly as a 15 year old could possibly be compared to a total shut in.) He knew better.


But he kissed back anyway.


She had always kissed him. Since she was tiny. Everyone in their family kissed.


Then one day her lips lingered on his cheek a little longer and gently than normal. That was a year ago.


Then she had kissed him on the mouth and looked at him questioningly a few months later.


It was only normal, Aberforth reasoned. She was hitting puberty and he was the only boy she spent a lot of time with.


He had tried ignoring it.


That obviously hadn’t worked because she had kept doing it.


And he had kept liking it, feeling worse each time it happened.


Today he kissed back. He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her. He felt a hand snake up into his hair and he felt his erection leap to attention.


“We shouldn’t.” Aberforth managed to murmur as his sister trailed kisses down his neck and eased him into lying in her bed.


“Shh,” Ariana whispered as she cuddled up to him. She kissed him again and pressed herself to him. As soon as he felt her body pressing into his erection he tensed up.


Albus would kill him.


She bent a leg and wrapped it over his as he kissed her back as he stroked her hair. It only seemed right that he bend one of his legs to comfortably fit her.


Her kisses seemed a little more determined after that and Aberforth noticed Ariana was herself rubbing against his leg, her breath coming quickly.


“We can’t!” Aberforth managed to gasp out between feverish kisses.


“Shut up,” was her only reply.


He had let his hands wander over her, exploring her body through her loose robes.


She had grabbed his buttocks and moaned as she slid up his thigh.


He had slowly pulled her robes up and caressed the bare leg wrapped around him. He moved his hand up her thigh and found nothing under her robes but her.


When his hand found her bare arse and she had thrust against him it was too much for him.


He pushed her onto her back and pushed her robes up until he saw the blonde thatch of hair between her thighs. Her hand was already snaking towards it.


He gently moved her hand away and opened her legs. Pink lips parted for him and he traced his finger over her. Then he had lowered his head and started tonguing her.


He watched her squirm and clutch at the bed sheets. Her back arched and he paused only to push her robes up to her neck so he could drink in the view of her firm breasts.       


He knew he couldn’t fuck her.


Oh he wanted to, and no doubt after today he would, but if he were to perform a contraceptive charm in front of her she may not be able to handle it.


His cock started to ache as she started thrashing harder. There was nothing more that he wanted to do than kneel between her legs and give her one, but he was flummoxed over what to do.


When she came he saw stars. Small blue bolts of lightening shot around under her skin and Aberforth could swear for a moment she was levitating off the bed.


Aberforth fought back the mad urge to throw caution to the wind and plunge into her.


“Pierce my molten womanly parts,” Ariana panted.


“What?” Aberforth burst out laughing. Well, that killed his immediate urges. Thank the Gods.


“You know,” Ariana blushed. “Stick it in.”


“I…” Aberforth blustered. It was apparent she wanted it as much as he did and she understood the mechanics. “Pierce your what?”


“Molten womanly parts?” Ariana looked embarrassed as she propped herself up on her elbows.


“Where on earth did you hear that?” Aberforth asked as he drew himself up and lay next to her.


“One of the books mother keeps hidden in her sewing basket.” Ariana lay back next to him, her hand sliding from his chest to his groin. “Some of them are illustrated.”


Aberforth inwardly groaned. His mother always did have a penchant for some of the smuttiest, completely improbable, dime novels ever written. Apparently her tastes had gotten worse.


“Well,” Aberforth said gently, “sometimes they use silly language.”


“Ah,” Ariana said nodding. “But won’t it harm you if we don’t?”


“Sometimes they’re also full of complete drivel.” Aberforth said flatly. “No, there are other things I can do. I doubt those books even discuss contraception.”


“What’s that?” Ariana asked quizzically.


Aberforth quickly gave her a run down of the birds and the bees, most of which she knew, but he corrected a few things, like what prevented pregnancy, masturbation, and whether standing up when you had sex counted or not.


“So a man does not really have to couple to be satisfied?” Ariana asked.


“There are many other options until proper cautionary measures can be taken.” Aberforth was sweating. He was going to go to hell for this. He didn’t really care.


She pulled her robes over her head and his cock sprang back to being painfully hard. She put her hand on the fabric at his crotch. He groaned. “Like what?”


“You could-“ Aberforth licked his lips. “You could put your hand around it.”


Ariana smiled as she pulled Aberforth’s robes up.


He swallowed as she pushed them up to his stomach and his cock was left bobbing in front of his naked sister’s face. She took him in her hand and started lightly stroking him.


“Grip it a little harder.” Aberforth heard himself say. He ran his hand over Ariana’s back and over her arse. He rubbed her bum and saw her close her eyes as his fingers dipped lower and started playing with her outer lips. “Have you ever put your fingers inside yourself?”


“Yes,” she breathed as she gripped him tighter. Her other hand started stroking his balls. Aberforth closed his eyes and silently gave thanks to his mother’s collection of smut.


“You want to grip me as tight as you are inside.” Aberforth slid a finger into her. Her hand squeezed him so tight his eyes flew open.


Just in time to see her dip her head and put her mouth over the head of his cock.


She looked up at him and their eyes met.


“Get off and shut your eyes.” Aberforth said as he sat up.


“Did I do something wrong?” Ariana asked, confused.


“Nope.” Aberforth said. When his sister’s eyes were closed he slid his wand out of his robe sleeve and cast a contraception charm on her. Then he pulled his robes over his head and watched as they puddle on the floor. When his wand was safely tucked away he said: “Open.”


Ariana opened her eyes. “What did you do?”


“Contraception charm. Do you want me to fuck you?” His hand went to his cock and he stroked it.


Ariana nodded and Aberforth lay back on her bed. “Then why don’t we see if you can squeeze that in?”


Ariana’s mouth flew to his and he felt her tongue flick at his lips as she straddled him. Her pink lips nudged at the head of his cock and he took a nipple between his fingers as he felt her start to slide down his shaft. She whimpered a little.


He was glad he wasn’t on top. He’d be all the way in her and finished if he had done that. He was desperately trying not to come now.


“I’m going to make you some again.” Aberforth whispered to her. “Sit up on me and lean back.”


Ariana did as she was told and Aberforth had to close his eyes and count to ten when he looked down and saw her wrapped around him. One of his hands went to one of her breasts and the other went to her swollen clit.


He felt her throb against him.


“Now start to fuck me.” Aberforth whispered.


Ariana groaned as she started to bring herself up on him. The hand on her breast went to her waist and he helped her work herself back down on his cock. She started to shake and he took his fingers off her clit and put his hand on her hip. She leaned forward and he felt her pushing up against him, trying to rub her clit so hard into him it must have hurt her.


“Do you need to come?” Aberforth whispered to her.


“I need to.” Ariana whispered frantically. “I have to come, make me come, please make me come.”


Aberforth flipped her onto her back and threw himself on top of her. She fumbled at his cock and guided him in.


He pounded away fiercely, forgetting everything the women at Madame Delilah’s had taught him. Ariana didn’t seem to mind. She was thrusting back against him and swiveling her hips under him.


He listened to her cry his name out underneath him, felt her clench him within her and he finally let himself finish inside of her.


He collapsed on top of her, feeling her hands run over the slick, sweat drenched skin of his back. He kissed her shoulder gently before rolling off of her.


“Are we really running away together?” Ariana whispered as she lay in the crook of Aberforth’s arm.


“We will.” Aberforth sighed and looked down at his sister: resting her head serenely, a bead of sweat over her upper lip and her cheeks flushed prettily.


I should learn a bit more magic. Just enough to forage documents and make things a bit more comfortable for us. It wouldn’t do to have us starve while we try and get our bearings. She’d never have to know. There are plenty of half-bloods at the school who had a parent have no clue about their spouse until the Hogwarts letter came for their child.


“I swear we will.” Aberforth pressed his lips to Ariana’s forehead. “I’m sure to get work. You’ll like having people around to talk with that have nothing to do with magic. I can even get papers saying we’re married so no one will bother us.”


“It’s a wonderful plan.” Ariana smiled up at him. “We’ll finally be free of this place and out to have out own adventures.”


“Indeed.” Aberforth allowed his head to settle into the pillow as Ariana stroked his chest lightly. “Just one more year. You can wait a year?”


“As long as you write often.” Ariana said with a poke at his side.


“I will,” he promised. “I swear.”


As long as no one found out they would be fine.


Aberforth had a bit of money, he had been talking to Muggle born students about renting rooms in London, exchange rates of currency, and how Muggles found work. He planned on taking a Muggle Studies class this year in order to knock out any dings in the plan.


It was a good plan. He even had the name of a fair Muggle landlord that rented rooms all throughout the city. He could have a place lined up before he even fetched Ariana. He had helped his father with his business transactions long enough to be a highly qualified clerk. It would be a simple life, but better than this.


Aberforth chanced a look down at Ariana. Her breathing was steady and he suspected she had fallen asleep.


He allowed himself to relax and close his eyes.


Everything was in place.


What could possibly go wrong?