Truth or Dare 1



“If mum serves corned beef again I swear I'm doing myself in!” Ron Weasley scowled at the face of his sister peering at him out from the fire in his small London flat.


“I'm trying to talk her out of it, I really am!” Ginny winced at her brother's expression. “Maybe if you have a side of beef sent round to the house she'll have to change her plans. She can't fit all of it in the cold chest down in the basement, she'll have to cook some of it.”


“That's not a bad plan.” Ron rubbed his chin. “I think I'll owl the butcher right away.”


“Tell him not to get fancy! You remember what he did last time!” Ginny reminded Ron.


“Listen, he had just gone to a meat cutters convention. How was he to know that Essence of Donkey Testicle wouldn't be anything like Rocky Mountain Oysters?”