Small Beginnings Chapter 9



Lucius woke with the first rays of dawn and opened his eyes. The room glowed purple over the white silk comforter. Narcissa had enchanted the room earlier in the week to be a shimmery white. The whole room looked like it had been molded of snow.


Kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed was a hundred house elves, waiting in silence.


Lucius nodded at one and it stepped forward.


“We is done, Master,” it said squeakily.


Lucius slipped out of bed and pulled his robe over his shoulders. He looked down at Narcissas blonde hair pooling on the pillow above her. He suspected she looked like one of the Snow Sprites, reputed to live in the artic circle.


The elves apperated as Lucius climbed into the elevator and made his way to the drawing room.


A small elf held the hatch open for him.


“Thank you, Dobby,” Lucius said as he passed.


His hand slid over an ebony banister as he walked down a spiral slope into the new workshop.


Narcissa decided to split up the space somewhat and created several little rooms instead of one large one.


As Lucius began making mental plans for the placement of objects he heard feet on the chamber above him.


“Lucius?” he heard Narcissa call for him.


“Down here,” he shouted.


Narcissa descended the slope and stood near Lucius.


“It’s perfect,” she said smiling and laying a hand on his arm.


“It’s a bit empty to be perfect,” Lucius said, smiling.


“I just received a gift from Bellatrix,” Narcissa said reaching into her robe pocket. She pulled out a small clear glass vial, stoppered in wax.


“What is it?” asked Lucius, taking it from her.


“Werewolf saliva,” said Narcissa smirking.


Lucius raised his clear blue eyes to meet hers, surprised.


“Are you joking?” he asked, shaking the vial slightly.


“No,” Narcissa shook her head. “Picked it up on her holiday in Romania. Happened on a caravan of wizarding gypsies by chance.”


“Intriguing. What incredible luck,” he said handing it to an elf that had been tagging along behind him. “Sort this in under “Hazardous” when the ingredient cupboards are put in.”


The elf bobbed his head silently and stepped back a few paces.


“I think we should do a bit of shopping for supplies today,” said Lucius, smiling.




A week later Narcissa flopped down on soft cushions and looked at the finished project. Six rooms in a row connected by doors in the north and south walls of each room.


The space had been altered slightly since the first viewing. Now as Lucius entered, he seemed to descend into a pit in the floor. At the bottom of the slope he was greeted by a heavy steel door with a handprint etched in it. He placed his hand on the etching and he heard a heavy stone bolt slide inside the wall.


The door swung open and Lucius walked into his new work library. He didn’t have many books covering the Dark Arts yet, but the few tomes he had would be quite useful. One was a gift from the Dark Lord , himself. A soft brown velvet sofa lay against one wall. The walls were lined with bookshelves. A dozen or so books and parchments lay on their shelves. A few potted plants sat on the bare wood, waiting for the right enchantments to entice them into growing into something more than what they appeared to be. A heavy mahogany desk sat waiting for him, their drawers full of parchment, quills and ink for his notations.


Narcissa lay sprawled on a couch in this room. She was wearing a pair of his trousers, belted tightly and a close fitting cotton shirt. Her hair was braided back and hung in sweaty strands around her face. Her feet were bare.


She tilted her head back and looked at him.


“I wasn’t expecting you home,” Narcissa said, frowning.


“Well, hello to you, too,” he said kissing her forehead.


“What I meant is I hadn’t planned on supper,” she said. “The rooms are very nearly organized.”


“I’m sure the elves have already started throwing something together,” Lucius said. “I do have to go back to the ministry after dinner, unfortunately.”


Narcissa nodded, feeling disappointed.


“It’s not your fault,” Narcissa said. “Let’s go see if the elves have anything yet.”


“Trying to get rid of me?” Lucius chuckled, trying to look over her shoulder to see what she had accomplished during the day.


“The quicker you get back, the quicker you get home tonight,” Narcissa said, giving his hand a squeeze and ushering him up the ramp into the mansion.