Small Beginnings Chapter 7



The days passed and as Lucius and Narcissa grew more comfortable in their home, the Deatheater meeting loomed nearer.


The night of the meeting Lucius helped his wife bind her blonde hair back and she helped him fasten the small buttons on his robes.


Narcissa stood on her toes to give her husband a small kiss before handing him a bone white mask.


They both slid masks over their faces, reached for the others hand, and apperated.


The apperated in an old abandoned church and approached the altar. There was a tall figure standing behind the dusty podium. The wizard’s dark grey robes made a silky swishing sound over the dusty floor as he turned to face them. A serpentine face grinned grotesquely at them.


“Ahhh,” the voice hissed slowly. “The new generation of Malfoys. Welcome.”


“Thank you, my lord,” said Narcissa before Lucius could even open his mouth.”


“I hope you conceive quickly,” the thing hissed back. “It would do good to see a pure blooded family increasing in numbers.”


“We will try, my lord,” said Lucius quickly with a short bow. A little too quickly.


The wizard began to laugh.


“I have forgotten how much you are affected by worldly needs when you still desire them,” he chuckled. He looked behind them as there was a loud pop.


“How nice of you to join us…..”



Narcissa felt her feet sink into the now familiar carpet of her bedroom. Then she felt herself rise in the air.


“He said to conceive quickly,” Lucius crowed before he flung his wife onto the bed.


Narcissa laughed and pulled her robes over her head. Lucius disrobed with a wave of his wand and flung himself on the bed near her.


The house elves had changed the bedding and the smell of the summer breeze wafted out of the grey quilted bed cover. Narcissa noticed how the color seemed to make her husbands eyes the color of steel. She reached up to lay a hand on his cheek. He would make handsome sons.


Lucius smiled at her, a bit quizzically.


“What?” he asked.


Narcissa pulled him to her and she kissed him.


“I was just thinking how lucky I am,” she smiled as he drew back.


He traced a finger over breast, giving her goose bumps.


“How is that?” he asked, kissing her between her breasts.


“I could have gotten shackled to a decrepit old auror that wouldn’t let me go out and made me mend his socks,” said Narcissa wide eyed in mock horror.


Lucius blinked slowly at her. Then he could hold it in no longer.


“Mend his socks?” he said, tears of laughter pouring down his face.


“Well I don’t know,” said Narcissa. “But you’re a good enough chap and you’re talented at bedding.” She pounced on him and rolled him onto his back.


“You know,” Lucius began as Narcissa sunk herself down on him. “One of these days we could get around to reading one of those position books.”


“Oh,” Narcissa smiled. “The others are much more interesting.”


She reached over and pulled a drawer open. She pulled out two vials of a glowing yellow potion and drank one. She uncorked the other and tilted it towards her husband.


“What was that?” Lucius asked, brushing her hair out of his face.


“An enhancer,” Narcissa purred.


Then the effect of the potion hit him. A thousand fingers seemed to be trailing over him. He felt warm and safe. His wife felt wonderful and her every little movement was registered and sent his senses reeling. He bucked up inside her and she screamed out a climax. He was nearly there himself. Perhaps this was a little too enhanced.


Narcissa began to buck against Lucius and she saw his face contort in a climax of his own. Then watched him register amazement when he realized his erection wasn’t going down and he was not in pain from it. He could have multiple orgasms. He could control their growth by concentrating, he noticed as he climaxed a second time as his wife switched positions.


She had spun around, her back now to Lucius, her perfect round bottom in full view. He had smacked her soundly and watched as a red handprint blossomed on her creamy thigh. She climaxed tightly around him and it set him off again.


He waved his wand and they began to rise in the air. He tilted himself forward and he felt his knees sink into the soft bed. His wife remained levitated and seemed weightless. Lucius positioned her slightly crooked and began slowly rocking her from side to side as he worked his erection in and out of her. He slid his index finger into his mouth and wrapped his tongue around it. He withdrew his wet finger and positioned it near the other opening, not far from where he was piercing her.


“In,” he heard her moan, trying to push back into him. He worked his finger in slowly. He felt her clamp down on him and she seemed to be panting, sweat dripped from her body. He moved his finger in and out slowly, withdrawing it as she shuddered.


She pushed herself away from him and settled on the bed.


“Its only good for three,” she explained. “Any more and you get really sore.”


Lucius nodded and lay back on the bed. He slid his hands behind his head as he felt Narcissas tongue wrap around his erection. He sighed and closed his eyes. It was amazing. The invisible fingers trail over him and tugging between his legs. His mind reeled. Everything he thought of seemed so real. Thousands of women made love to him in moments. He opened his eyes to see Narcissa examining his erection and she kissed his head. He reached out and behind her head and guided her mouth down around him slowly. Her eyes never left his.


Lucius felt his back arch as he climaxed. Narcissa cupped his scrotum and continued kissing him as he grew soft.


Finally she scooted up on the bed and kissed him.


“Amazing,” Lucius said smiling.


“You should see what else is in that book,” Narcissa said, her eyes twinkling.