Small Beginnings Chapter 4


Lucius smoothed his robes over his rumpled form. He turned to see Narcissa sitting on the side of his bed. She was rustling around in the box, still sitting at the foot of the bed.

He blushed furiously. His mother had no shame. She firmly believed if a young couple had a happy sex life they were more inclined to be tolerant of differences in opinion.

"Well," Narcissa said, smirking slightly. "She certainly is through."

"I'm actually afraid to look," Lucius said from his position on the floor. He rubbed his forehead nervously.

Narcissa pulled a thick suede covered tome from the box.

"What on earth is that gaudy thing?" Lucius asked eyeing the silver tasseled bookmark, dangling conspicuously from between the pages.

"There's no markings on it," Narcissa said turning it over in her hands.

Lucius shrugged.

She flipped open the book to the marker. She unfolded a page to expand the picture on the page.

"Oh!" she squeaked and slammed the book shut, forgetting to refold the page so it still dangled out.

Lucius made a grab for the book, but Narcissa dodged.

"Oh no you don't!" she cried gleefully. "It's mine! All mine!" She leaped to her feet, still on the bed, and taunted him with the book.

Lucius got a quick glimpse of two pair of entangled feet on the page. By the way they were moving, he could only guess what the couple on the page were doing.

"What have you got there?" he asked, his smile growing and his eyes getting bigger.

"Wow!" Narcissa exclaimed, flipping open the book to another page. "Can you really do it like that?"

He made a lunge and grabbed one of her ankles. He pulled and she fell backwards and bounced on the enormous bed. The book went flying and Lucius caught it midair. He jumped up and ran to the fireplace with it, gathering his Death Eater mask along the way and putting it on.

He turned to her suddenly. She supposed he was trying to look imposing and threatening. He may have been had it not been for the fact that he was barefoot. And his robes were rumpled. And his mask was crooked. With a lock of blonde hair sticking out near the top at an odd angle.

Not to mention that he had in his hands, one of the filthiest books she had ever laid eyes on.

She began to giggle uncontrollably.

He turned and caught his image in the gold rimmed mirror.

"Oh Dear," it said, hopelessly.

Narcissa burst into laughter. It was music. She was taking her robes off.

Lucius finally bothered to open the book and found the title page: The Art of the Marriage Bed staring back at him.

He arched an eyebrow at his giggling bride. He flipped to the still unfolded page and saw what she had been so surprised by.

There was an attractive brunette woman, bound to a bed by silk scarves and blindfolded. Her torso hovered in midair, tilting from side to side, essentially screwing herself onto her partner. There was an incantation etched into the bottom right hand corner.

"Whoa," said Lucius, taking his mask off. He turned a page and saw a creative use for an engorgement charm. His jaw dropped.

"What else is in here?" Narcissa said reaching for the box in wonderment.

Lucius made a leap onto the bed and landed between Narcissa and the box.

"Oh, come on!" she struggled out, as he pinned her to the bed with one arm, while pulling the box to him with the other.

"I didn't get to dig very far," he admitted. "I get to see, it's from my mum!"

He pulled out a shimmery piece of fabric, vaguely resembling a human form.

"Oooooh," Narcissa said. "I know what that is."

"What is it?" Lucius asked.

"An enchanted invisibility suit," she said smugly.

"Beg pardon?" he said.

"Watch," Narcissa said and took it from him.

She climbed off the bed and stood nude before the fire. She stepped into the legs, that seemed to conform to her shape as she pulled it up. Well, he thought it did. Whatever it covered disappeared. She pulled the hood over her head and was no longer there.

He saw her form imprint the covers near him and he reached for her. She felt as if she were made of silk. An invisible soft woman, faceless and intoxicating. It was like being caressed by all his fantasy women at once. He reached down and probed tenderly. It seemed this suit was equipped for all situations.

The invisible woman grabbed his behind aggressively.

Narcissa pulled the hood from over her head and grinned.

"I like this!"

"I bet you do," said Lucius, further probing in the box. It seemed to be bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.

He pulled out a corset in a pale pink, followed by some silky underthings.

"It seems your mother is more practical than the members of my family," Narcissa's head remarked. The corset floated in midair. "This is really nice. I'll have to thank your mother tomorrow."

"Please make sure I'm gone," Lucius said, eyes upturned.

"Don't like discussing women’s underthings over tea?" she asked, setting the corset down and laying next to him.

"Hardly," he said dryly. "Please take that thing off, it's rather unnerving, addressing a head."

"But it feels nice," said Narcissa, apparently hugging herself.

He shook his head and continued digging in the box.

"Lotion," he began dictating, pulling bottles out of the box.

He unplugged a stopper in a small bottle.

"Lemon smelling oil, mint smelling oil, chocolate, orange," he rattled off pulling small bottles out of the box.

"What are all those for?" Narcissa asked, finally pulling off the invisibility suit.

"They smell and taste good. They heat up with the breath and contain a slight numbing agent to prevent friction burns during prolonged intercourse."

She wondered where he knew this, but realized he must belong to one of the Gentleman’s Clubs in Wizarding London. Did. Does. Did? She'd have to find out about that later. Maybe she was better off not knowing.

"Nice," she said, taking the orange bottle from him. She unstoppered it and sniffed. Oranges. She made an expression of approval.

He pulled a black tube out of the box and his eyes lighted up.

"What's that?" Narcissa asked. Lucius pulled a rubber stopper off one end and a silver wormlike thing slithered out.

"Come here," he told Narcissa excitedly.

"What does it do?" she asked. Before he answered he twined it around her wrists and touched the ends together. It tightened and became solid steel. She was trapped.

He pulled his wand out of his robe.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” he cried and she rose in the air.

Narcissa struggled half-heartedly as she levitated. When she stopped, her dangling toes barely brushed the comforter.

She looked at her surroundings.

“Interesting,” she said. “Can I come down now?”

Lucius lowered her to the bed and put his hands over the band. He twisted slightly and she was freed.

“How does that work?” she asked, rubbing her wrists.

“Only the person that put them on can take them off.” he said simply and dug further in the box. He pulled a large white book out of the bottom of the book.

He opened it and found it hollow.

“It’s a pensive,” he said slowly.

“For the honeymoon?” Narcissa asked. “How thoughtful.”

Lucius felt his head swim. Thoughtful? His mother gave him a box of sex toys, a book on how to use them and a pensive to record it in. Perverse maybe, but he wasn’t sure about thoughtful.