Small Beginnings Chapter 11



Narcissa walked through her garden, rubbing the Dark Mark on her arm. It had begun to tingle about an hour ago and she was nervous. It was grey, not the dark black it usually turned. She wondered if the Dark Lord was in some sort of trouble.


Not hardly likely. She couldn’t possibly imagine what she had that she could offer to the Dark Lord. She rubbed her lightly swelling midsection and continued her pacing. She reached over and plucked a thornless rose off a bush nearby. She examined the deep green petals and felt a single petal between her fingers. It felt like thick velvet and didn’t tear under her touch. She picked a few more and tucked them into the belt of her pale blue woolen robes.


Narcissa heard a sharp crack behind her and turned to face the Dark Lord. She dropped to one knee and bowed to him.


“Rise, child,” Voldemort testily, helping her to her feet. “It isn’t good in your condition.”


“I hardly think such a small thing is going to overtax me,” Narcissa said with a small child. She knew how important the next generation of loyal purebloods was to him.


“Still,” said Voldemort patting her hand. “That is what I came here to discuss.”


Narcissa looked at him quizzically and walked with him up to the manor. They took the servants entrance, on Voldemorts insistence because Narcissa wouldn’t have to navigate any stairs.


They found themselves in the pantry and were winding their way through the barrels of root vegetables when they heard a sharp crack in the kitchen above them.


“Were you expecting anyone?” Voldemort said sharply.


“No,” said Narcissa, drawing her wand from inside the sleeve of her robes.


“I’ll go,” said Voldemort, straightening his back and climbing the ramp to the first floor. After a few moments he returned.


A few seconds later he called out to her that it was safe. Narcissa climbed the ramp to the first floor to see Voldemort sitting at her kitchen table and Lucius heating a kettle of water.


“I came home early so I could have lunch with you,” Lucius said sheepishly. “I should have told you.” Narcissa realized a few hairs near his left ear were singed. She looked at a black burned spot at the wall and looked at the Dark Lord.


Voldemort waved his wand and the spot disappeared. Lucius remained slightly singed.


Narcissa looked around her kitchen.


“Where are the house elves?” she asked.


“They kind of fled,” said Lucius reaching for a small metal box containing tea bags.


“I wonder why,” she mused, reaching up to stroke the singed hairs on her husbands head.


She walked over to the cold box and started setting the table for a light lunch. “Would you join us, milord?” Narcissa asked.


Voldemort stared at her for a moment. Narcissa felt as if a cold breeze fluttered through her mind. She shivered and shifted her gaze to the floor.


“I would,” said Voldemort slowly. Narcissa realized he has read her mind to see if she meant him any harm. She shivered slightly and her cheeks pinked slightly.


“Oh dear girl,” Voldemort let out a chuckle that sounded almost like a hiss. “You aren’t that depraved.”


Narcissa set a tray of cheeses and fruits on the kitchen table and went to the cupboard to get some bread and plates. When she turned she thought she saw Voldemort winking at Lucius, but the Dark Lord quickly busied himself examining the teacup Lucius set in front of him.


“Is there a way we can be of service to you, milord?” Lucius asked when they were all finally seated at the table.


“Oh yes,” said Voldemort, reaching out for a peach. “I came to tell Narcissa I don’t want her apperating in her condition.”


“What?” said Narcissa, forgetting who she was talking to. “I’ve been apperating since I was 12.”


“I understand that,” said Voldemort patiently. “You aren’t being kept out of things. When I need to speak to you your Mark will burn grey like it did today. I or a messenger will appear in your garden in two hours time.”


“Thank you,” Narcissa said. She was amazed the Dark Lord didn’t chastise her for her outburst, but honored that he would consider her important enough to the cause to visit her personally


“Otherwise,” Voldemort said biting into the peach, “I will summon Lucius in the usual way for group announcements. He will brief you on his return.”


“Yes, of course,” said Lucius sipping at his tea.


“Good,” Voldemort said standing up. “I’ll leave you then.” He shook a finger at Narcissa. “No overtaxing yourself.”


“Yes, milord,” Narcissa said obediently.


“Make sure your house elves pamper her,” said Voldemort to Lucius.


“I will see to it,” said Lucius nodding his head.


With a loud pop Voldemort was gone.


“Well this has been an interesting day,” said Lucius conversationally. “It’s not every day the Dark Lord joins you for lunch.”


Mmmmm,” said Narcissa sipping her tea and nodding slightly.


“What’s with the flowers?” Lucius asked, nodding at the roses tucked into Narcissas belt.


“Have you ever analyzed the magical properties of your mothers’ hybrids?” Narcissa asked.


“Well-,” Lucius said reaching out for a piece of cheese. “No, not really. Never thought of it.”


“I think it might make a good project for me,” said Narcissa. “It won’t be overtaxing,” she made a face at him.


Lucius chuckled at her.


“I’ll have to agree,” said Lucius. “At least it will keep you out of trouble.”


“I don’t know about that,” said Narcissa with a twinkle in her eye.