Small Beginnings Chapter 10


 Narcissa lay her hand on the satin sheet where her husband normally lay. She sighed at the cool touch. He hadn’t been home at all last night. The first rays of light were creeping into the bedroom.


She missed him. He worked too hard for a man of his breeding. He was running around like a commoner. It’s not like he needed the money, he just needed the influence. She would speak to him later about how much time he was spending away.


Narcissa swung her feet to the carpet to go to the bathroom when she was hit with a wave of nausea. She ran to the bathroom, bent over the toilet and heaved. She lurched until she had nothing more to give.


She felt a small hand tug her dressing gown and a house elf handed her a wet cloth.


“How did you get here?” Narcissa asked the elf as she took the cloth. She wiped her face and rose to brush her teeth. She was well awake now.


“The house notifies the elves when a member of house is sick, Miss,” the elf bobbed at her.


“Clever,” Narcissa said, frowning at her reflection. She looked pale.


“I wonder how I got sick,” Narcissa said. “Probably something Lucius brought back from the Ministry.”


“No, Miss,” the house elf said stepping back. “Is baby sick, Miss.”


“I beg your pardon?” Narcissa said turning toward the elf.


“The baby is making you sick, Miss,” the elf said, beaming at her. “I will make tea that will make you better, Miss.”


“Baby?” Narcissa said weakly. “How do you know there is a baby?”


“We can see, Miss,” said the elf. “All elves can see.”


Narcissa turned her back to the sink and leaned against the counter. She put her hand on her midsection.


“When will the baby be born?” Narcissa asked.


“April,” said the elf. “Is happy, Miss?”


“Yes,” Narcissa said, running her fingertips over her stomach.


She heard a soft hum as the elevator rose.


“I’ll get tea, Miss,” the elf said and apperated.


Narcissa walked into the bedroom and saw Lucius trying to walk silently, his shoes in his hand. He straightened up when he saw her.


“Good morning,” Narcissa smiled and went to him.


Lucius dropped his shoes and embraced her.


“I fell asleep on the couch in my office,” Lucius explained sheepishly. “You’re up early.”


“I wasn’t feeling well,” Narcissa said. There was a soft pop and a tea service appeared on the wooden chest at the foot of the bed. “Our house elves are exceedingly efficient.”


“Are you all right?” Lucius said, looking concerned.


“Yes,” said Narcissa. “But it’s going to be inconvenient for a while. I’m pregnant.”


“I-we-how?” Lucius sputtered.


“How?” Narcissa said, pulling away from him.


“That’s not what I meant,” Lucius said, pulling her into an embrace. “I’m very pleased.”


Narcissa pushed away from him quickly and ran back into the bathroom.


Lucius removed his clothing and poured himself a cup of tea. He drank it as Narcissa heaved. When she returned he handed her a cup of her own and helped her back into bed.


“I’ll have the elves put something near the bed so you won’t have to dash about,” he said as he tucked her in.


“Thanks,” she said weakly, sipping her tea. “I don’t think it will be like this the whole time. I didn’t even feel ill until this morning.”


“Don’t worry,” Lucius said slipping into bed beside her. “Everything will be taken care of.”