hapter 1


Lucius stared in the mirror at himself.

“You look lovely, dear," said his mirror at him. It was a strange modern number his mother had picked up. The mirror itself was oval shaped, nearly 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The only frame it had was a thin strip of silver ringing it.

Father," Lucius called out. "I can't get this knot right.”

Byron Malfoy walked into the room and surveyed his son. Lucius stood before him, just under 6 feet tall. His blonde hair was plaiting itself, integrating fine threads of silver and gold among his platinum strands. Byron shook his head at his son. He raised his wand and swished.

Lucius felt the black silk at his throat knot itself properly. He felt a bit lighter.

“Thank you, father,“ Lucius said.

“Today is an important day for you, my boy," his father began.

"Father," Lucius interrupted. "I cannot stress to you how much I understand that, but nonetheless-”

“Nonetheless," his father interrupted smoothly. "She is from a good family. Excellent breeding, highest marks at Hogwarts-"

I don't even know the girl father cried out Lucius.

“But you will know her," his father said. "It's not like your mother and I picked you any girl. We've met her. She's charming. Gifted in Charms in fact."

His father beamed. Then he looked at his sons sullen face.

“Oh there now, Lucius." he said patting the boy on his shoulder. Being a married man isn't such a bad thing.”

“Yes father," said Lucius. "I realize my responsibility. I shall try not to look melancholy in front of Narcissa, Aristotle only knows how she feels about all this."

Byron looked as if he might say something, but hesitated and gave a tight lipped smile to his son. He patted Lucius a final time and retreated from the room.

Lucius looked at himself in the mirror a final time. The girl had started Hogwarts the year after he left. He had not as much as seen a picture of her. He had no idea who at the very heart she was.

He pulled on the black embroidered robes and began fastening the small serpent shaped buttons down the front. He turned to look at his room. He has been born in this room. Now he was going to live at the Southern Malfoy Estate. With his wife. That he had never met.

He felt ill.

Lucius stood at one end of his parents ballroom. The immense marble fireplace loomed behind him like a cave. He vaguely wondered if it should have been lit, but dismissed it realizing he'd probably look hellish to her and the poor girl would probably faint.

The soft music started and Lucius looked towards the aisle, which meant he had to look out over the room. Nearly a thousand eyes stared back at him.

‘Good God, Mother,' Lucius thought. 'Did you have to invite the entire bloody world?'

His cousin, Kendall near him.

Stop it," Lucius whispered out of the corner of his mouth.

How can you be so calm?" whispered Kendall.

“I'm not quite sure," Lucius said honestly and straightened up.

He caught a glimpse of white behind the cluster of crème silk clad girls headed in his direction. Relatives, no doubt. He tried to make himself taller, without going up on tiptoe.

The last girl cleared away and Lucius got his first glimpse of his bride.

Narcissa's white blonde hair cascaded past her waist, her porcelain skin was free of blemishes. Her lips were a pale pink, but looked inviting. Her eyes were a teasing blue, perfectly formed and set beneath a smooth forehead. Her robes were identical to his except they were such a white she nearly seemed to glow.

He suddenly felt extremely nervous He had a sudden fear she was going to be disappointed with him. Her gaze traveled the length of his body and back to his eyes. Her cheeks reddened.

He realized his eyes were resting between her breasts. They were nice breasts. He was going to get to slide his tongue over them later. He quickly raised his gaze to meet her eyes. She cocked an eyebrow at him.

He was suddenly very glad marriage robes were so thick and heavy.

Narcissa reached out and took Lucius' hand. They turned towards the official and they started chanting the words to the spell that would bind their families together forever.