Naughty Knitting

Molly and Arthur's secret kink.




Molly Weasley sat in her favorite chair, her enchanted magnifying glasses perched on her nose, her coziest robe bundled about her, the click of her knitting needles filling the air.


She looked at the clock on the wall, depicting all the faces of the members of her family. Arthur’s spoon-shaped portrait was pointed at ‘traveling.’


She smiled and hummed to herself as her needles tapped against each other rhythmically.


Not long after, she heard the back door open and close, and the sweeping sound of a broom being put away and a cloak being taken off.




“In here, Arthur,” Molly called out. She had to suppress the smirk bubbling up from inside her.


“Hello, my dear,” Arthur said as he entered the room and bent down to kiss her. He looked down at her knitting and he suddenly got nervous. “Oh, I see you’ve started a new project.”


“Yes, I have.” Molly smiled at him saucily. “A blanket for the new grandbaby.”


“I see.” Arthur shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “So the other project is… done?”


“Yes, it is.” Molly was grinning from ear to ear. “Would you be interested in seeing it?”


“Yes!” Arthur blurted out.


“Well,” Molly said as she put down her knitting, “it’s nice to see you so interested.”


She stood and led Arthur to their bedroom. She opened the door and his eyes widened.


A full body harness was suspended from the ceiling. Four rings distributed the weight of the harness; the ends of each of the support straps tied to the posts of the bed. It was tightly knitted out of fine black leather.


“Is this what you were thinking of?” Molly asked coyly.


“Quite,” Arthur said hoarsely, his erection straining to be free of his robes.


“Care to give it a spin?” Molly suggested as she trailed a hand up his back. “I promise not to be too cruel the first time.” She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled.


Arthur groaned as his head snapped back. “Please.”