When the mark of thunder shines upon one
And Darkness retreats into the night to rest
The midnight sun shines bright in the sky

One with fathers taken twice shall rise into the light
Plunging darkness into he will fall
Within him power will grow

Two paths here are laid
Light and Dark will be inside
Cleaving one into two

The answer lies with the givers of life
To show the path
Under the sea

“I think you need to go talk to the Amazons.”


“How do you do, Hermione?”

A tall, muscular witch with long, thick dark red hair stepped through the fireplace in the Snape ballroom. Hermione was relieved her receiving witch from the Amazons was fluent in English.

“Fine, thank you,” said Hermione.

“I am Alexandra,” said the witch bowing slightly. Her thick grey robe parted slightly and Hermione law light blue robes that resembled a toga underneath. “Shall we be going?”

“Of course,” Hermione said.

Alexandra held out a rubber duck and Hermione smiled as she placed her hand on the portkey.

They appeared on a small sheet of ice floating in the middle of the ocean. Icebergs and chunks of ice slowly passed by. The sheet of ice they were on seemed stable and Hermione noticed it seemed to be drifting in a specific direction. As they rounded an iceberg Hermione breathed in.

A tower carved in ice rose out of the water thousands of feet in the air, its stark white standing out in a clear blue sky. An immense drawbridge began lowering for them. A gigantic decorative crystal drawbridge nearly the length of a football field began to descend as they approached. Frosted ice links formed into chains that slowly lowered the bridge. The position of the sun told Hermione they were several time zones away.

Hermione and Alexandra began walking up the incline of the drawbridge into the receiving hall of the Bibliothecha oo Amazon.

The first floor was an immense white single room with the ceiling over a hundred feet above her. Large windows near the top of the walls let in sunlight that reflected off the walls and illuminated the room. White staircases spiraled up support poles, accented with gold wrought hand rails of ivy.

Fireplaces lined the walls and witches in different light colored toga style robes popped in and disappeared in a burst of green flame. White doves carved of ice flew about with parchments and scrolls.

“This is incredible,” Hermione breathed.

“A lot of thought went into it,” Alexandra said. “It holds some of the most valuable and rare books in the world.”

“I’m hoping you’ll be able to help us with our dilemma,” Hermione admitted.

“If we can’t I’m not sure who will be able to,” Alexandra said. “No doubt you have already asked the Brotherhood for help.”

“They have helped us with part of our problem, but another has arisen,” said Hermione as Alexandra stepped onto one of the spiraling staircases. Hermione was relieved to see the stairs moving of their own accord. “Our answer was rather cryptic.”

“All things of true importance are,” said Alexandra sympathetically. “Hopefully mother will be able to help you.”

The staircase stopped at a landing where the head of an eagle worked into the ice of the door. Hermione had noticed that while the building was cool, it wasn’t cold. The walls must be enchanted to prevent them from melting and prevent the occupants from freezing. The door slid upwards and Hermione was shocked at the interior of the room.

No windows decorated the walls of the small room. Dark wood paneling lined the walls and only a few candles burned for light. A few overstuffed dark colored chairs crowded the room and a tiny witch hunched over a parchment, scribbling furiously behind a light oak desk.

“Hello,” she smiled as Alexandra and Hermione wound their way around the chairs and small tables stacked with books. Her small wrinkled face beamed at them and her white hair was pulled behind her in a thick braid.

“This is the girl, mother,” said Alexandra bobbing softly.

“I am Sophia,” said the older witch. “And you have a problem.”

“Yes, I do,” said Hermione, reaching into an inside pocket of her robes. She brought out Charlie’s translation.

“You do not have the original?” Sophia asked, taking the translation.

“No,” said Hermione. “I was just given this.”

“Have you seen the original?” asked Sophia.

“Yes,” said Hermione.

“Get the Pensive, Alexandra,” said Sophia. “And a bit of tea, dear. Thank you.”

“You had to find a translator?” asked Sophia.

“Yes,” said Hermione. Sophia rose and walked out from around her table, leaning on a thin knobby cane. Her robes were dark grey and tied with a pewter cord.

“Why didn’t the Brotherhood have a translation?” asked Sophia. “They’ve had it in their possession for some time.”

“I don’t know,” said Hermione, wondering why she hadn’t thought of that before.

“Probably because they didn’t know it was missing,” snorted Sophia. “Damn knowledge hoarders.”

Hermione shivered slightly about being in possession of something stolen from the Brotherhood. Severus could have at least warned her.

“Here’s the Pensive,” said Alexandra, setting a wide stone bowl on Sophia’s desk. She left the room again, Hermione suspected to get tea.

“Have you ever used one of these before?” Sophia asked.

“Yes,” said Hermione taking her wand out and placing the tip to her temple. She pulled a smoke-like thought about the parchment from her head and placed it carefully in the bowl.

Sophia put her face in the bowl. Alexandra came back in the room and Hermione turned around. She watched as Alexandra waved her wand and shrank some of the books and furniture so there was room for them to sit and drink.

Sophia pulled her head out of the bowl and smiled at her daughter.

“I do need to tidy up a bit, don’t I?” she cackled merrily as she walked to a chair. Hermione placed her thought back into her head and sat in a purple chair near the table. Sophia waved her wand and a plate of biscuits appeared. “Your translator was good. One of the Brothers?”

“Friend of the family,” Hermione said shaking her head.

“Convenient,” said Sophia, nodding as she took a cup and dipped a biscuit in it.

“So what do you need to know?” asked Sophia. She leveled a look at Hermione.

“Well, it’s obviously about Harry,” Hermione said hesitantly. “I would think the mark of thunder would mean his scar. And his father and godfather were both taken from him.”

Sophia nodded.

“What else?” the elder Amazon asked.

“It sounds as if Harry’s going to have a struggle between dark and light within him,” said Hermione. “Are they suggesting Harry’s going to be tempted to join Voldemort, because if they are-“

“We don’t know anything,” said Sophia. “Continue.”

“Then it says the givers of life will show the path to under the sea,” said Hermione. “That’s where it confuses us.”

Sophia nodded.

“Such things are never conveniently clear,” she said pouring herself another cup of tea and waving off Alexandra when she tried to help her. “Perhaps it is not meant to be clear yet.”

Hermione frowned.

“But what if it’s important and I don’t see it?” Hermione worried aloud.

“Then you are not the only person who did not see it,” said Sophia. “We will be here for whatever you need.”

“You are very gracious,” said Hermione recognizing a dismissal when she heard one. “Thank you.”

“Hermione,” said Sophia, almost as an afterthought. “We have heard about your talents with the craft and your dedication to study. We would like to involve you with a research project or two, at least on a trial basis if you’re interested.”

“It would be a great honor,” said Hermione, suddenly realizing she needed to find out as much about the Amazons as she could. It was on a trial basis, after all. Perhaps it would aid her in her mission for the Order. She hoped she wasn’t too hasty.

Sophia said her good byes and Alexandra escorted Hermione back to the ground floor and to a fireplace to floo back home.

Hermione walked into her kitchen and was greeted by Severus and Charlie who were eating piroshkis for lunch.

“How did it go?” asked Severus handing her a pastry.

“They want me to become involved in a research project or two,” said Hermione. “Because of my grades and work ethic.”

“Are you serious?” asked Charlie, his jaw dropped.

“On a trial basis,” said Hermione quickly. “Why? Is this bad?”

“On the contrary,” said Severus, still looking incredulous. “It is exceptional. Cherv!”

The little house elf scuttled around the corner into the kitchen at Severus’ bark.

“A bottle of wine,” said Severus. “We have celebrating to do.”

“Yes, master,” said Cherv. He zipped away and returned shortly with an opened bottle and three glasses on a silver tray.

Hermione, Charlie and Severus toasted Hermione’s good fortune, although she still wasn’t sure what they were so happy about.

“How did it go with the translation?” said Charlie.

“She said it was dead on,” said Hermione. “And if we don’t see it maybe we aren’t meant to yet.”

“Typical,” spat Severus. “Fat lot of help they are.” He muttered as he took a deep drink from his glass.

“But maybe with what I learn there I’ll be able to see what it means,” said Hermione.

“This is true,” said Severus, spinning his glass between his finger and thumb. “When are you supposed to return?”

“They’re going to owl me,” said Hermione.

“That’s not a surprise,” snorted Charlie. Hermione looked at him oddly. “You’re born an Amazon, Hermione. They don’t recruit.”

“Then why me?” Hermione squeaked.

“That’s a very good question,” said Severus. His face darkened for a moment. “Stay on your toes.”

“I will,” said Hermione. “Maybe they want me because I can chronicle Harry, being so close to him.”

“That’s a good reason,” said Charlie, relaxing a bit. “That would make perfect sense.”

“Still,” said Severus. “Be careful when dealing with them.”


“Are you sure, mother?” asked the red haired girl as she cleared the afternoon tea. “All the way to Atlantis? No one has even had contact with them for centuries.”

“It will be a most difficult journey,” said Sophia. “And it will be a most important story. If we can get the girl interested now we can get the first chronicle if they succeed.”

“Does she have any idea what is going to happen to her friend?” Alexandra asked.

“No,” said Sophia sadly. “It is best she not know. Her anger will fuel her determination when she finds out.”

“It must be a burden to See so clearly,” said Alexandra feeling a bit sorry for her mother.

“Perhaps,” said Sophia shrugging. “But I have never known any other way.”

Sophia padded out of the room in silk slippers and rode the stairs leading up from the landing to the library. She would be there for a long time today.


“I think we should go out for dinner,” said Severus. “I don’t feel like staying in. Do you like the ballet?”

“Dinner would be nice,” said Hermione. “I’ve seen ballet on the telly, but I’ve never been.”

“Well then, it will be something new,” said Severus. “Be prepared to leave at 7 o’clock.

“I will,” said Hermione. Part of her felt confident. Another part of her worried what to wear.


The house elf, Sloozhanka buttoned the back of Hermiones deep red velvet dress robes. Hermione wasn’t sure where they came from; Severus’ mother was at least a head taller than she was.

Hermione felt the last hook clasp behind her neck and she sat down on the stool in front of her stone vanity.

“I’m really sorry for the inconvenience,” apologized Hermione to the little elf.

“No need for sorry,” said Sloozhanka in a thick Russian accent. “Is a pleasure to help madam prepare for ballet.”

Hermione did approve of the fact that Sloozhanka wore the Snape uniform. It was pretty much a scaled down version of wizards robes with each color corresponding to a section of the household. Sloozhankas were blue because she was considered household staff. It made Hermione feel as if Sloozhanka was at least cared for.

The small elf waved a wand over Hermiones head and she watched as her curls tamed down to ringlets and the elf clipped her hair into place with a bronze barrette inlaid with red gems. Hermione was pleased to know at least here, elves were allowed wands because they were considered tools.

“Madame has such pretty hair,” Sloozhanka said, arranging the curls.

“When it behaves itself,” said Hermione. “Which is rarely.”

“I could do madams everyday,” the elf said, giving Hermiones hair a final pat.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” said Hermione. “I keep odd hours anyway.”

“If you decide otherwise pull the silver tassel near the bed,” said Sloozhanka. “You can summon me that way.” She hopped off the footstool she was standing on. “I think madam is ready.”

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror. Her deep burgundy robes were high necked. Small beaded flowers in black crystal decorated the front. Her hair was pulled behind her head, but it fell free, long curls snaking their way over her shoulders.

“Thank you,” said Hermione and the elf bowed out of the room. At least some of the elves weren’t afraid to be freed, although the bowing would have to go.

Severus popped his head into her rooms and Hermione turned to face him.

Severus felt his body stop as she turned, one perfect moment etched forever in his mind. He felt as if ice had caught flame in his veins.

Her skin glowed golden in the amber shaded hurricane lamps, completely flawless. The color of the dress brought out the amber highlights in her hair, as he had suspected. The rubies in her hair glittered in the flickering light and the heavy robes slid across the stone floor in a perfect swishing motion. Severus felt his chest tighten.

Hermione looked at Severus. His hair was once again tied back, this time with a burgundy ribbon that matched her dress. His layered silk black robes were short in front showing his black silk trousers, leather boots and white frilled shirt. The rest of his robes trailed behind him. He had a soft, open look on his face and she felt her knees go weak.

His eyebrows furrowed slightly and Hermione began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You need a three pointed hat and an eye patch,” Hermione giggled.

“Arrr,” Severus indulged himself. “Jewels for milady?” He opened a wooden box and a pair of ruby earrings matching her dress lay inside on a pillow of purple satin.

“Wow,” Hermione whispered. She looked at Severus.

“You should put them on,” said Severus. “We need to get going.”

Hermione fastened the rubies to her ears and Severus helped her into a new black fur cloak.

“I doubt it will be chilly,” said Hermione. “I’m dressed awfully warm for summer, especially with the sun out.”

“The theatre will be cooled so people would be comfortable in more formal attire,” Severus said. He offered her his arm and they walked down to the ballroom to floo to the theatre.

Charlie whistled at them as the passed by the door to the den.

Hermione paused and looked in the door at him. He was reading a book with one leg flung over the arm of a red chair. His green t-shirt, bare feet and jeans with a hole in one knee was a drastic opposite to Hermione and Severus.

“What are you going to see?” asked Charlie.

“Faust,” said Severus. Charlie bit his bottom lip and tried to look innocent.

“I hear it’s lovely,” Charlie said, sneaking a look at Hermione. She hadn’t the faintest.

“It happened to be what was playing,” snarled Severus. Hermione looked at him oddly but was afraid to ask. She’d find out soon enough.

Hermione watched the tragedy unfold as a decent man fell to darkness and embraced depravity. She watched Faust kill his potion-seduced love’s brother because he threatened to keep them apart. When he ran to Walpurgis Night she grinned at the prancing mythical creatures. When Hermione saw his love, her belly full of child on trial for his crimes she scowled. When death comes in the end his love follows the light and he falls to the abyss.

Hermione felt Severus slip a handkerchief in her hand as she was trying not to cry. She sniffled as she took it and dabbed at the tears leaking from her eyes.

Severus tried not to smirk. She was moved by the piece. He hoped she would enjoy dinner.

Perhaps he was getting his hopes up.

Hermione and Severus sat on the third balcony level of a wizarding restaurant. The food was French and small plates of food kept appearing in front of Hermione as she finished the few bites it allowed her.

“How many courses are there?” asked Hermione. She watched as the wine in her glass refilled itself. This could be dangerous.

“I’m not sure,” said Severus. “Fifteen?”

“Good Lord,” said Hermione.

Hermione and Severus stumbled across the dim ballroom floor giggling, the only light from a doorway and a soft glow from above.

“Shhh,” warned Severus, stopping suddenly. “Gonna wake whatzizface.”

“Charlie?” giggled Hermione.

“Tha’s him,” said Severus raising his finger. He looked at it. He moved it back and fourth, watching it. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Hermione grabbed his finger and pushed his hand down. “Shhh,” she said.

“That’s what I said,” said Severus insistantly.

Hermione looked down at her feet.

“This floor is incredible, by the way,” she said.

“I used to dance in here as a child,” said Severus, shuffling his feet and making the waves seem to rise a few inches. Hermione grinned at him.

“Your mother probably thought it was adorable,” said Hermione.

“My mother always thinks I’m adorable,” said Severus. “The woman has a very loose grip on reality.”

“I like your mother,” said Hermione making a face at him, watching him dance a little jig, causing the floor to wave into an ‘S’ pattern under him. “You must have had a lot of time on your hands.”

“You’d be amazed,” said Severus. “Tango!” he cried suddenly. He seized her hands and spun her around.

It probably would have helped if Hermione knew how to tango. It also would have helped if her thick robes didn’t have a train. Her legs were almost immediately bound together and she stumbled into Severus. They fell to the floor.

“Perhaps that wasn’t the best idea,” said Severus, on his back staring at the ceiling. It was inset with crystals in the shape of constellations that glowed softly in the dark room. He shook his head slightly and the universe spun.

“Imagine that,” said Hermione sitting up and rubbing her head. Severus looked at her quizzically. “You elbowed me.”

“In the head?” asked Severus, still lying on the ballroom floor. “How did I do that?”

“Damned if I know,” said Hermione laying beside him and staring at the ceiling. “Wow, that’s pretty.”

“My grandpapa enchanted it to glow. Before that it was just stone in the ceiling,” said Severus. Then he raised himself on one elbow and kissed her. Then he lay back down beside her.

Hermione was stunned. She chanced a glance at him, but he seemed to still be examining the galaxy.

What was that and where did it come from? He must have had too much wine, she decided.

Dear God, he had consumed a lot of wine this evening. He lay back staring at the ceiling. Well she hadn’t screamed. Perhaps she was stunned. He was 23 years her senior. He would have to apologize for his inappropriate behavior tomorrow, but until then perhaps he could figure out how to kiss her again.

He started as her face appeared above his, blocking his view. Before he could begin apologizing she pressed her lips to his. Then she lay next to him and snuggled against his side.

She was beautiful, and either she had way too much wine, or she actually fancied him. His head swam. His groin tightened. She was a pretty girl, very smart, his parents liked her- this was madness. If the marriage was consummated he would never agree to divorce.

Hermione laid a hand on his chest. He had kissed her. She had worked up her nerve and kissed him. Now he was just laying there. Maybe he hadn’t liked it when he kissed her and was repulsed now? She wondered whether she should remove her hand from his chest when he turned on his side and pressed his lips to hers once again.

She shyly reached a hand up and placed it on the side of his face. It was smooth from being freshly shaven and he smelled like sandalwood. He drew a single finger down her jaw line. She shivered.

“This is a very inappropriate place for this,” whispered Severus, feeling a lot more alert.

“Where should we go?” asked Hermione. She was a little afraid of where this was going to lead. The morning he had spooned her she had awoken aroused and ready for him, now that she had given it a little thought she was a little afraid.

What if he led her down to the dungeons? What if he hurt her? Perhaps the wine was making her paranoid. She had spent enough time with him to know he had no intention of harming anyone without being provoked.

“Perhaps my room?” Severus thought his voice sounded a little high. Hermione didn’t seem to notice.

“Alright,” she said softly. Hermione was glad it was dark so Severus couldn’t see how red her face was.

He rose to his feet and held a hand out to her. She struggled to her feet under her voluminous robes and straightened skirts.

“You truly look beautiful,” said Severus looking down on her, and he meant it.

She bowed her head and Severus imagined she blushed prettily. He leaned down to kiss her again and felt her arms encircle his waist. He tried to avoid pressing his erection into her. She jumped a little as she embraced him, but gently began pressing into him trying to appear bold.

He opened his eyes and looked at her kissing him. He parted his lips a little and flicked at her lips with his tongue.

Her eyes flew open to see him looking at her. She snaked a hand down to his buttocks and deepened their kiss.

Severus groaned. He knew she was a virgin, but should have known better than to think she had never engaged in a few heavy petting sessions during her time at Hogwarts. At least she wasn’t shy once she got going.

Hermione’s mind went completely blank. Her head was light from all the wine, her body felt like it was in overdrive, and Severus was obviously attracted to her. She heard him groan and she broke their kiss. Severus saw her catch her breath and was surprised when she went for his collar and began kissing and nipping at his neck.

“Bedroom,” he gasped out. It seemed God had finally forgiven him after all and it was time for a bit of rewarding.


Severus saw in the low light of his bedroom Hermione was flushed a most bewitching color. Apparently the elves had felt the robes would not hang right without the proper undergarments and had adorned Hermione in bloomers and a white sparse undershirt. Severus felt his mind catch fire.

It had taken him forever to undo the hundred little buttons up the back of her dress. He had felt too tipsy to wield his wand at her and had undone them by hand. He made a mental note to have his own clothing altered with snaps.

He undid the three buttons to his robes and they slid heavily to the floor. He leaned down to kiss her as her undid his trousers and they fell. He was wearing more old fashioned under things as well, his pants reaching halfway to his knees. He broke their kiss and pulled his shirt over his head.

Severus reached out and took Hermiones hand. He kissed the back of it and led her to the bed.

“We don’t have to go any further than you want to,” he said gently, propped up on one elbow, turned on his side to face her as she slid under the green sheets beside him.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Hermione as she wrapped a leg around him and pressed her lips to his. Her lips moved down the side of his face to his bare shoulder and she squeezed his hip with her hand.

“Perhaps this wasn’t the best idea,” said Severus, instantly regretting the whole thing. He couldn’t control himself much longer. She was young and sweet and the wine was buzzing around his head.

“Why?” said Hermione, pulling back from him. He had changed his mind. He really didn’t want her.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Do you promise?” she whispered in his ear and traced a trail down his back with her fingernails. She blushed at her own words. The wine had made her perhaps a little too bold.

He slid a hand under her under shirt and caressed one of her breasts.

“I would like to kiss you here,” he said. She nodded at him shyly and helped him take her under shirt off. She buried her fingers in his hair as he kissed and caressed her small breasts.

Severus felt Hermione wrap her legs around his waist. He even dared to place a hand on her bum and rubbed his mid-section into her.

“Take your pants off, Severus” Hermione sighed as he nibbled at her.

“Hermione-,” Severus began.

“We’re married, Severus,” said Hermione.

“If we do that we have to stay married,” said Severus.

“Take your pants off, Severus,” Hermione squirmed against him.

Severus pulled her bloomers down roughly, startling Hermione.

He dove under the covers and Hermione felt her legs being pried apart and flung over his shoulders.

She hoped Charlie couldn’t hear her scream as Severus buried his face between her legs. He penetrated her with his fingers and she moaned his name. She vibrated against him. When she begged, pleaded with him, she felt him remove his mouth and he striped off under the covers.

She felt him rise and lay on her, something soft and persistent nudging her between her legs.

“Hermione, I need this,” moaned Severus into her hair. He felt the beads of sweat forming in his brow as he fought his instinct to plunge into her. He felt himself slide around in her slippery wetness and felt the small dip where he wanted to plunge violently.

“Oh God, Severus,” Hermione burst out; eyes squeezed shut as he nudged her where she wanted him the most. “Fuck me.”

He was taken over the edge by her obscenity. He tried not to hurt her as he entered her, but he’d never had a virgin before and wasn’t sure what he was doing. Thankfully, she placed both her hands on his hips and directed him.

Once he was entirely inside her she began moving against him in a steady rhythm. He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them wide. She was still there. This wasn’t a dream. This sweet, intelligent, charming, beautiful, virginal woman was out of control and moaning on the end of him.

Something in him broke and he threw himself on top of her. Hermione started as he pressed his teeth into her shoulder firmly, but without causing her any real pain and began grinding himself into her in a circular pattern.

Hermione cried out, but Severus was delighted to hear her scream his name and felt her hands frantically running over his back and buttocks.

“My God, I want to make you come,” growled Severus in her ear. Not knowing where his boldness came from.

“A little to the left,” said Hermione through clenched teeth, before kissing him violently and bucking up to meet him.

Severus shifted slightly and he heard Hermione begin a low cry underneath him. He moved faster. He moved his mouth near her ear and began whispering to her in a voice that sounded like the caressing of velvet.

Severus heard her cry out loudly and shudder. He slowed down, but kept moving inside her. “Did you come?” he asked her, nuzzling her neck.

“Yes,” she said, trying to catch her breath. “Thank you.”

“Good,” he purred at her. He continued a steady rhythm on her, placing soft kisses on her shoulders. She purred soft nothings to him and scratched his back as he took his pleasure.

When he came, Severus collapsed on her, leaning his head to the side so he didn’t smother her. Did she even comprehend that their marriage had been consummated? Would she want to back out tomorrow?

Hermione opened her eyes and looked at Severus. She ran a finger over the little worry crease between his eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” asked Hermione.

“I’m wondering if you’re going to regret this tomorrow,” said Severus, truthfully.

Hermione leaned over and kissed the end of his nose.

“I regretted not taking advantage of you the morning you tortured me,” said Hermione giggling and sinking under the covers.

“You little vixen, you were awake?” asked Severus, sliding out of her.

“How was I supposed to sleep through that?” asked Hermione, reaching for him and cuddling near to him as he lay back on the bed. He felt his member twitch. It seemed someone had a mind to make up for lost time.

Severus turned her on her side and spooned her like he had that morning. Hermione was surprised to feel him ready again and pressing into her lower back. She snuggled back into him and he inhaled the scent of her hair.

He felt her take him in hand, as it were, and impaled herself on him. She moved her hips in small circles and heard him groan as he let his breath out.

Severus felt himself slide into her easily and imagined she would probably be tremendously sore tomorrow. He should rise early and make her a healing potion. Then he’d have the opportunity to begin acting out all his fantasies on her. An image of Hermione on her knees in her Hogwarts uniform servicing his member swam before him and he felt himself explode deep inside her, completely lost in his fantasy.

The second he regained himself he felt guilty. What a perverse thought. He had no idea where it came from and felt instantly embarrassed.

Suddenly the reality of what had happened dawned on him.

Severus looked down at his wife, withdrawing himself and placing a washcloth from his bedside table gently between her legs. She snuggled back against him and sighed contentedly. She took one of his arms and wrapped it around her. He relaxed against her form and felt his heart beat against her.

She really was lovely.

Dumbledore was going to kill him.