Harry paced back and forth in his study. He looked out the window and sighed.

Draco was sitting in a large overstuffed chair, reading a book. He looked over the top of it at Harry.

“You know, staring out the window isn’t going to make them get here faster,” Draco said.

“I know,” said Harry. “I’m just…I don’t know.” Harry stared out the window and put his arms on the window frame.

“Really nervous,” Draco said, putting his book down. Draco crossed the room and put his arms around Harry’s waist.

“That might be it,” Harry said, giving Draco a wry smile. Draco kissed the back of Harry’s shoulder.

“Hey, look there,” Harry said and pointed to a small black dot in the sky.

“Could be a bird,” Draco said, squinting over Harry’s shoulder.

“Could be a flying carpet,” Harry said, reaching for a pair of omnioculars.

“Flying carpet?” Draco frowned. “Certainly not in Britain.

“She’s here with ambassadorial status,” Harry said, focusing his omnioculars. “It’s registered with the Spanish Ministry.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Draco said, snatching the omnioculars.

Harry waited a few moments so Draco could see the flying carpet. Then he snatched the omnioculars back.

“Bugger off and get your own,” Harry laughed. “Or lose the carpet fetish.”

“It looked like an Allegro 2004!” Draco said, lunging for the omnioculars.

Harry sighed and handed Draco the omnioculars. Draco started rattling off statistics as he stared at the sky. Harry crossed the room to get Draco’s omnioculars. They were a better model, anyway. Lazy git.

When Harry got back to the window he smiled at the sight upon the carpet.

Ron sat in an easy chair, reading a newspaper. His hair was beginning to thin, like his fathers. Hermione was next to him in a comfortable chair. A portable desk sat in her lap and she scribbled furiously upon a parchment. Small twin redheads lay on the carpet nearby, their heads in a large book. Harry grinned furiously.

Near to the twins, a smaller dark haired boy played with a few stuffed toys. A basket lay near Ron’s feet. Harry suspected it contained the youngest.

“Gods, they’re sweet,” Draco said, surprising Harry. Harry couldn’t believe Draco stopped prattling about the flying carpet.

“Quite,” Harry said.

There was a loud pop behind them and Harry and Draco turned to see Arthur and Molly apperate.

“I couldn’t stop her,” Arthur said, looking pained. He unwrapped a scarf from around his neck and took his cloak off.

“Hello, Molly,” Harry went to her and kissed her on the cheek. “We’ve just spotted them.”

“And they’ve got an Allegro 2004!” Draco crowed.

“Do they really?” Arthur said, snatching Draco’s omnioculars from Harry and going to the window. Harry sighed.

“Couldn’t imagine keeping you away,” Harry said as he and Molly made their way to the kitchen. “Put the kettle on and I’ll rustle about in the pantry.”

Molly smiled and took her cloak off. “You do that.”

Harry and Molly had just finished laying out the kitchen table when they heard a clatter from the stairs leading from the study.

“They’re landing in the yard,” Arthur said as he scuttled everyone out.

By the time they were out in the yard, the twins and the dark haired boy had left the carpet and were chasing each other around.

Molly flung her arms around Ron, practically knocking him off his feet.

Hermione ran to Harry and did the same thing.

“Save me from my children,” Hermione murmured near his ear.

“10 hours on a carpet enough for you?” Harry chuckled.

“AUGH!” A small voice screamed near their knees.

Harry and Hermione looked down to see her three small walkers pointing sticks at Draco. Hermione looked startled.

“We three,” one of the twins proclaimed. “Arrest you in the name of truth, justice, and jammy tarts for all.”

“Goodness me,” Draco said, laying the back of his hand across his forehead. “Whatever shall I do?”

“Surrender!” the smallest squeaked out.

“You’ll never take me alive!” Draco screamed and reached for his wand. He felt Hermione stiffen and Harry tightened his grip on her.

Draco puffed out a sweet smelling cloud of smoke and dashed across the yard as the children screamed delightedly and ran after him.

“Dear lord,” Hermione said weakly.

“No one was more surprised than me,” Harry said as Draco climbed a tree, shooting bubbles out of the end of his wand.

“Incendio!” a small voice squeaked out and the tree erupted into flames.

Draco jumped quickly out of the tree and rolled around on the ground, the back of one of his shoulders aflame.

Hermione and Ron ran to the children immediately. Ron quickly put the flames out on the tree. Draco picked himself up.

“Leo!” Hermione shrieked, mostly out of fear. The littlest boy burst into tears. The end of his stick was charred. Molly rushed to him.

“Wow,” Draco breathed. Arthur patted Draco down, trying to assess damage.

“Are you alright?” Ron asked quickly, turning Draco around to look at his shoulder.

“I think he just got the robes,” Draco said, trying unsuccessfully to look at his back. “Damn Weasley, I never thought you’d use a sneak attack like that.”

Ron stared at Draco for a moment. Harry was strongly reminded of a confrontation years before in a bookstore. Then Ron started snickering.

“Sure you’re ready for this mayhem?” Ron asked.

“Well, obviously this child is special,” Draco said, gesturing to Leo, who had stopped crying and had let go of his stick.

“You’re funny,” Arthur said. “All wizarding children have little bursts of magic like this.”

“Where did you learn that incantation?” Hermione was demanding of the little boy. The twins were staring at him in awe.

“Daddy,” Leo sniffled. “When he-,” sniffle, sniffle, “dinner-“ then he began crying again.

“Oh,” Hermione said, pulling the snotty bundle to her. “Last night?” Leo nodded.

“We’ve never been camping before,” Hermione said to Molly. Molly patted Leo on the head.

“Well, he’s a bloody fast learner if he could pull that off,” Ron said, slightly annoyed at his son. Leo looked up at him. “We do not incinerate people!”

Leo buried his head in his mother’s robes and sobbed.

Hermione pulled him out. “But we’re not going to do it again, right?” Leo shook his head furiously. Molly waved her wand and tidied him up. “So go tell Draco you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry!” Leo wailed and flung himself at Draco.

“Goodness me, it’s OK,” Draco said, taken aback. “You’ll learn when you get bigger.”

Leo looked up. “Really?”

“Really.” Draco insisted. “Now, you and your brothers should go up into the kitchen and get some lunch.”

The little ones needed no more instruction than that and barreled up the back steps to the kitchen.

“At least you’ll only have one,” Hermione shook her head. “I swear Adam and Will run interference for him.” Harry assumed she meant the twins.

“And who is this little guy?” Harry asked as the bundle in the basket began to wail.

“Kelly,” Hermione said as she reached for him. “And he’s hungry.”

“Well, I have a nice stone bench over here,” Harry pointed.

“Or we have a nice cozy house,” said Draco, visibly annoyed. Ron raised his eyebrows in approval. Behind Draco’s back, of course.

“I think we’d better check up on the kids,” Hermione said. She winced as they heard the sound of breaking glass in the kitchen. Arthur hurried up the stairs as everyone else gathered the Weasley’s things and brought them in the house.

“It was just a glass,” Arthur said as everyone piled into the kitchen. Will, Adam, and Leo sat in a row with napkins tucked in their shirts and fruit and sandwiches in front of them. “We got it all sorted out.”

“Thank god,” Ron said under his breath.

Harry showed Hermione and Kelly to his study.

“You don’t have to go,” Hermione said as Harry turned. He turned back, a bit uncomfortably. “You’re going to need to get used to the idea.”

“What?” Harry asked, startled.

“Well, the pregnancy process is complete, from what we know,” Hermione said. “Either you or Draco will be nursing.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. He barely registered when Hermione slipped a breast out of her robes and into Kelly’s mouth.

“There,” Hermione said, wincing a bit.

“Does it hurt?” Harry said, squirming.

“Since his teeth started coming in, yes.”

Harry looked horrified.

“Oh it’s not all that bad,” Hermione said and she and the baby began visibly relaxing. “He’ll get a rhythm and be fine.”

Harry looked at mother and son and grinned.


“I can’t imagine me or Draco doing that,” Harry said, reaching up and rubbing the back of his head.

“I can’t imagine you would,” Hermione said, smiling. Harry went and sat near her on the couch. “Have you decided who’s going to carry?”

“No,” Harry said. “I don’t even know if what we’re doing is right.”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked, shifting Kelly slightly.

“I mean, we never talked about kids before,” Harry said, fidgeting. “The whole thing makes me nervous.”

“Want in on a secret?” Hermione asked.

“Sure,” Harry said.

“You’re never sure,” Hermione said. Harry looked at her. “Well with the twins it just wasn’t a good time. We were still getting over the loss of the one we lost and I had flung myself into all these projects to help distract me. I had to go through my pregnancy trying to construct a series of import laws to prevent the movement of Dark Artifacts through Spain. When Leo decided to make his presence known the twins were just out of diapers. I thought I’d kill myself if I had to start up again.”

Harry started laughing.

“Oh yea,” she said, testily. “You think it’s funny now, just you wait.”

Harry slightly composed himself.

“Then when this little fella was created I had just picked up my research on Advanced Potions again,” Hermione sounded a little annoyed. “Can’t very well be around all those fumes when you’re expecting, can you?”

“Yea, but it was worth it, wasn’t it?” Harry was feeling nervous.

“Better be,” Hermione said, looking a bit amused. “Might be another on the way.”

“When do you find the time?” Harry demanded as Hermione handed him Leo. She did herself up as Harry burped Kelly.

“I really don’t know,” Hermione said, sighing.

“Ever regret it?” Harry asked, making a funny face at Kerry, who seemed very interested in Harry’s glasses.

“Only on days where I have to travel with them,” Hermione sighed. “Or when they set things on fire.”

Harry laughed and handed Kerry back to his mother.

“Do you really love him?” Hermione asked Harry.

“Yes, I do,” Harry said. Hermione shook her head.

“Amazing,” Hermione said.

“No one was more surprised than us,” said Harry awkwardly. “Believe me.”

“That, I can believe,” Hermione said, grinning. “So tell me what you know already.”

“That I want to spend the rest of my days with him,” Harry said, blushing.

“I know that, silly. I do talk to Molly. I meant about the Concubinus Beran cycle.”

“It happens every thousand years or so and enables wizarding males to get pregnant,” Harry recited. “The birth itself is a mystery, but the birth rate was higher than for contemporary pregnancies in the dark ages.

“Very good,” Hermione said, looking impressed. “But we think we know how the babies are born.”

“Really?” Harry asked. “Is it terribly unpleasant?”

“Not really,” Hermione said, reassuring Harry. “It looks as if a magical c-section takes place.”

“Are you saying the child erupts from the midsection?” Harry asked, paling slightly.

“Something like that,” Hermione said. “Although not nearly as messy as you would imagine.”

“Well, that’s some relief,” Harry said. “Are you hungry, we’ve plenty of food?”

“Famished, actually,” Hermione admitted.

“Well then,” Harry said smiling. “We should get you fed and settled in. Three of the bookshelves pull down here to make beds for the boys.”

“Very clever,” Hermione remarked. “We brought a collapsible crib for Kelly.”

“I’m glad you came, ‘Mione,” Harry said suddenly.

“It’s been too long, Harry,” Hermione said, her eyes pooling with tears.

“Now there,” he said, reaching into his pocket and retrieving a handkerchief. “Don’t be like that. We’re all together now and only one person has been set on fire.”

Hermione hiccupped out a giggle. “Whoever would have thought?”

“Indeed,” said Harry, giving her a hand. “Let’s get some lunch.”