“The boys are coming for tea,” Molly Weasley sang out to her husband as he passed through the kitchen on his way out to the shed.

“Which boys?” Arthur asked, peering over the top of his glasses. He was carrying a large jar full of different size screws.

“Harry and Draco, dear,” Molly said. “They got my owl and are coming right over.”

“Well, that’s nice,” Arthur said, smiling. “Would have been a bit of a nasty shock if they didn’t know.”

“I know,” Molly said clapping her hands together. She went to her husband and clasped his hands in hers. His hair had kept receding and now a reddish ring went in a half-circle around his head. She still thought he looked handsome.

“Just think of it,” she gushed. “And we all thought the lines had ended.”

“Just a moment,” Arthur said, frowning. “Don’t tell me you’re suggesting-

“It may be their only chance,” Molly said, searching her husbands face and frowning slightly.

“They may be happy as they are,” Arthur said.

“When you were their age we already had Bill, Charlie and Percy,” Molly insisted. “Would you redo it?”

“Of course not,” Arthur said. “I’m just saying-

“What are you saying?” Molly had that look: no matter what Arthur said, he was wrong.

“One of the boys may not want to have a baby,” Arthur said. “It’s not like men have the urge to procreate.”

“That’s not how I remember it,” Molly said, crossing her arms at him.

“You know what I mean,” Arthur said, annoyed.

“Well, they still need the information,” Molly said stubbornly. “It’s dangerous for them without it.”

“Fine, fine,” said Arthur rolling his eyes. “Just don’t be disappointed if things turn out different that you expect.”

Molly waved him out the door and he left, shaking his head and looking at his jar of screws.

She went back to preparing for her visitors. Those boys always seemed to be hungry. Corned beef would be filling. They probably would skip lunch altogether. She shook her head.

The plate of sandwiches was set in the middle of the table, a tin of cookies was out and the pot had just begun to whistle when the fireplace roared with green flames and Harry and Draco walked into the kitchen.

“It’ll be just a moment, dears,” Molly said as she bustled about. She waved her wand at a cabinet and cups and saucers soared to the table.

“No rush, Molly,” Draco said as he sat at the table. Molly smiled at both him and Harry. She was positively beaming. It made Draco very nervous.

Harry squeezed Draco’s knee under the table and Draco looked at him. He was smiling nervously.

What was everyone looking at him for?

Absolutely not. Not him. He didn’t care if he was prettier.

“Hell no,” Draco said flatly.

Harry jumped a little. “Beg your pardon?”

Molly turned around with the teapot in her hands. She peered at him.

“What’s that, dear?”

“I’m not getting knocked up,” Draco said flatly. “You can do it if you want, Potter, but I’m not dealing with the bloating and the cramps and the,” he lowered his voice a little, “hemorrhoids.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. Molly exploded laughing.

“I’m serious,” said Draco, a little hysterically.

Molly kept on laughing as Draco scowled. Harry began to snicker a bit, in spite of himself.

“What’s so funny?” Draco demanded.

“You sound like my cousin Abigail when we were 10,” Molly said, wiping a tear from her eye. She waved a hand at him and began serving the tea.

Draco scowled at Harry.

“Hemorrhoids?” Harry said, confused.

“I heard all about it from Pansy,” Draco said, looking at Molly for confirmation. His eyes were wide and his head was bobbing. “She said it was horrible.”

“She gave birth in a muggle hospital,” Molly said, patting Draco on the arm. “There are spells and potions, you know.”

“I don’t care,” said Draco testily, crossing his arms.

“Shame they were visiting Dean’s family at the time,” Harry said. “They could have gotten to St. Mungo’s if they were still in London.”

“It’s still not going to be me,” Draco grumbled. Harry snickered.

“Well,” Molly said, sitting across from them. “I’m sure you will discuss the details later.”

“I’m not sure I’d be opposed,” Harry said, raising an eyebrow at Draco.

“You’d have to stay off that bloody broomstick, then,” Draco said stiffly.

“Who says?” Harry said hotly.

“I’m sure you boys can work out all the details later,” Molly said a bit louder.

Harry and Draco stared at each other for a moment.

Molly inwardly beamed. So they wanted a baby. Now all that was left was to sort out the parts. Wonderful.

“So how is this possible?” Harry asked, turning back to Molly.

“Yea, Concubinus Beran is just a fable,” Draco looked uneasy.

“It’s not a fable,” Molly said. She handed Harry and Draco a very old, leather bound book. Draco looked at it while Harry held it and ran his hand over the cover.

“Where did you get that?” Draco said flatly.

Molly looked embarrassed for a moment.

“Well,” she said, looking around before settling on the tin and reached for it. “It’s yours, dear. It was found in the wreckage.”

Lucius and Narcissa, Draco’s dear parents, had committed double suicide rather than face Azkaban again.

More than a dozen aurors had given chase. To everyone’s surprise, they had gone back to their manor.

Their cloaks were flapping behind them as their broomsticks zipped through the open skylight. It had magically sealed behind them.

The aurors grouped in the yard, communicating with the Ministry for backup and deciding what to do about what they knew was a completely sealed home. Then the vibration started.

The aurors realized what was going to happen barely in time. They had hopped back on their broomsticks and flew as quickly as they could, anywhere but the direction of the house.

The noise was deafening. People as far as 10 kilometers away claimed to have heard the blast.

The Malfoys had destroyed any evidence they might have possessed, including themselves.

The crater from the explosion was blamed on a gas line igniting. Debris was scattered for kilometers.

Harry out a hand on Draco’s back and rubbed it roughly.

“At least your dad was good for something,” Harry smiled slightly.

“I suppose so,” Draco said raising his eyebrows. “Whoever would have thought he’d be useful for something?”

Molly looked slightly startled. Draco almost never remarked on his family.

“What else do you have?” Draco asked, piercing Molly with his clear blue eyes.

“I know you said you didn’t want anything,” Molly squirmed uncomfortably. “But I though maybe one day you would change your mind.”

Draco took a deep breath. Harry didn’t know what to say.

“I know you went through a lot, but if your line ever went on, it’s your history,” Molly insisted.

“It’s not a pleasant one,” Draco said.

“Exactly,” Molly said. Harry nodded.

“It’s better to hear the truth from someone instead of reading about it in a book,” Harry said. “Trust me.”

“The page is marked,” Molly said, gesturing at the book.

Harry opened it and began reading. Draco rested his chin on Harry’s shoulder. Molly sipped her tea and watched them.

“I still think we should write Granger,” Draco said.

“I already did, dear,” Molly said nervously.

Harry and Draco looked up sharply.

“What did she say?” Harry and Draco said in unison.

Molly bit her lip to keep from giggling. She was unexpectedly reminded of the twins. She suspected they would make excellent parents.

“She wants to come out and observe if you decide to conceive,” Molly said slowly. “Including before you conceive.”

“Sure,” Harry said, without thinking of Draco.

Molly looked at Draco nervously.

“Will she be bringing all the babies?” Draco asked. Molly’s look softened.

“I suppose she will,” Molly said. “As well as Ron.”

“Well,” Draco said slowly, looking at Harry. “I think we’re going to have to clear out some of the rooms.”

“Good Lord,” Harry said, looking horrified.

“I’ve been telling you your study’s needed work for ages,” Draco nagged. “Things move in there! It’s unnatural.”

“Fine,” said Harry through clenched teeth. He opened the book to the page Molly had marked with a bit of blue ribbon. “Molly, this just gives astrological positions, how do you know it’s going to happen?”

“I was trying to figure out the best time to plant my new bulbs,” Molly said. “When I started doing the charts I realized there was some unusual activity going on and went from there.”

Draco shook his head. “Well, I know the legend. What else is there?”

“Moreover,” Harry said, clearing his throat. “What are the details and when does this ‘cycle’ start?”

“You’ll be susceptible to pregnancy two Tuesdays from now,” Molly said folding her hands. Harry reached for a sandwich.

“How does this even work?” Draco asked.

“Magically,” Molly said.

“Very funny,” Arthur said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hello Arthur,” Harry smiled.

“Hello boys,” Arthur said grabbing a sandwich for himself and plunking himself down next to Molly. He pecked her on the cheek.

“What do you think of this ‘baby’ nonsense?” Draco asked.

Arthur looked at Molly quickly.

“Never mind,” Draco said. “That said everything.”

“Oh,” Arthur said worriedly. He pointedly didn’t look at Molly again. “Parenthood isn’t for everyone boys.”

Molly smacked him on the shoulder.

“Now, if you’re going to be like that I’ll ask you to leave the room,” Arthur said hotly. “My opinion was asked for.”

Molly stuck her chin out but remained silent.

“I don’t want you boys to rush into something just because you suddenly have the ability to procreate,” Arthur said seriously. He poured himself a cup of tea. “There will be plenty of unwanted children after this cycle, I’ll tell you.”

Draco and Harry looked suddenly sobered.

“That’s horrible,” said Draco, surprising everyone. “That’s fucking horrible.”

Molly looked shocked, but Draco’s face screwed up.

“Harry, we could wait and just adopt after the orphanages start filling up,” Draco said.

“We can adopt now,” Harry said softly. “We could adopt a few years from now. We could have already tried to adopt. We aren’t talking about adopting. We’re talking about joining our DNA and creating another person.”

Draco looked at Harry for a moment. Light blue eyes gazing into emerald green. Molly fidgeted nervously.

“Sirius James Malfoy,” Draco said softly.

“What?” Harry asked, confused.

“Well, James, for your father,” Draco said. “That would be traditional and suitable for our family’s social standing. Harry’s eyebrow’s raised. “Sirius for your godfather and for representation of my family.”

“I noticed it was first,” Harry said grinning.

“Because you’d let me get away with it,” Draco smiled.

“Hello,” Arthur said, reminding them they were not alone.

“You need one before you name it,” Molly said, looking amused.

“And Malfoy,” Harry went on. “What’s all that about?”

“You’ll iron the details out later,” Arthur said finishing his sandwich and rolling his eyes. Harry was strongly reminded of Ron, except the sandwiches were corned beef.

“Malfoy-Potter then,” Draco said.

“Better,” Harry said, relaxing somewhat.

“So, Molly didn’t get very far explaining things to you,” Arthur said.

“Not really,” Harry said. “But we didn’t really give her a chance.”

“Well,” Molly looked uncomfortable. “Once the sperm enters the body a change begins to take place.”

“Enters the body,” Harry repeated.

“Does this mean: ‘enters anywhere?’” Draco asked eyes wide.

“Well,” Molly faltered. “You have to realize boys, this doesn’t happen very often. We don’t know a lot.”

“You can get preggers from a bit of oral?” Harry thundered before he remembered who he was talking to. Molly blushed a brilliant shade of scarlet.

“Maybe,” Molly said. “We don’t know.”

“Hermione might know,” Harry looked at Draco.

“If anyone does, she will,” Draco agreed.

“We have a couple weeks to talk about this, anyway,” Harry said.

“Yes,” Arthur agreed. “Take the book. Think about it. Let the novelty wear off.”

“You act like you disapprove,” Draco said, looking at Arthur with those piercing blue eyes. His father’s eyes. Arthur shivered a bit.

“I know I wouldn’t want to find myself in that situation,” Arthur said squirming. “Women are odd enough, what will happen when wizarding males start cropping up pregnant?”

“What do you mean by that?” Molly asked accusatorily.

“Mood swings and testosterone don’t go together,” Arthur said sternly. “Once Dumbledore explains the situation to the Ministry emergency birth control might be issued.”

“For pity’s sake,” Molly said dismissively. “It’s not the plague.”

“It may act like one,” Harry started giggling. “We’ll be able to watch it spread through the community through disbelievers.”

Draco chuckled.

“This is serious boys,” Arthur said loudly. The boys stopped. “Haven’t you a thought as to how the child gets out?”

Harry and Draco looked at each other and winced.

“No one knows, actually,” Molly said quietly.

“Excuse me?” Draco said.

“You see, people didn’t used to keep track of things like they do now,” Arthur said, taking his glassed off and polishing them. “We do know male survival in childbirth was a much higher percentage than female for the time.”

“Well, that’s encouraging,” Harry said sarcastically.

“The Ministry should be able to scrounge up more information by next week,” Arthur said.

“So we’ll think about it until then,” Draco said with an air of finality about his voice.

Molly smiled weakly. It hadn’t gone as planned, but it could have gone much worse.