The Orchard

I always knew we clicked. There was something in the way he looked at me and followed direction so well… it let me know he was special.

We were inseparable. We grew from boys into men by each other’s side. He was a match with me in cleverness in spell casting. We dueled often so I could keep careful track of his advances and techniques.

Our bodies grew hard, lean, as our stature shot up in adolescence. At one time I feared he would overtake me, but over a summer I managed to fine tune a growth serum to give me half a hand’s height, making me slightly taller than he was.

I think it was that summer I noticed his scrutiny for the first time. I was nervous, sure he’d find me out, but he never questioned me about my growth spurt and by Christmas I was confident he would never question me about it.

Partly because I had stopped growing in August, and partly because I discovered it was not my growth spurt that had got his attention at all.

We were practicing Occlumency and Legilimency when I finally cracked through his shields and swept through his mind. Hundreds of thousands of thoughts, all about me, poured into my mind.

My notes on the Janus Potion; my translation of the stars last June; the way my abdomen looked when I stretched my arms when I was fatigued; other, more lurid things fantasized about me.

His shields slammed back up, his face pale.

I don’t know what went through my head as I started unbuttoning my trousers in the orchard that day, but I watched his face as I slowly undid the fastenings and I bit back a smirk.

I thought him a friend that would quickly turn rival, little did I ever suspect he was willing to rule together, and wanted to please rather than plunder me.

I pulled my erection out and watched as his breath came quicker, sweat beaded on his brow.

<i>“Put your mouth around it,”</i> I commanded in a whisper.

I watched as the most intelligent wizard I knew sunk to his knees and, of his own free will, slid my cock into his mouth.

It was exhilarating. My breath came in quick pants and he didn’t mind the tight grip I had on his dark red hair, he actually seemed to enjoy it.

I came down his throat and he drank my seed willingly. I loosened my grip on his hair and my wand fell to the ground, my fingers shaking too badly to hold it anymore.

If I had kept hold of it, what happened next never would have. I thought about that many nights in the cold prison where I spent the last of my days and thanked the Gods that I had dropped it.

Albus rose to his feet, a lust in his eyes I had never seen before and yanked my trousers down.

I was surprised and off balance, my wand was out of reach and I was firmly pressed up against an apple tree when I heard his whisper at my ear: <i>“Relax.”</i>

I felt a nudge at my backside and I squirmed against the rough bark of the tree as he began piercing me. Apparently he did want to plunder me. I cursed myself for not delving deeper into his mind.

Against my will, I found myself groaning as he did so, my body betraying my wants. One of his hands wrapped around my body, scissoring his fingers over my thin shirt where my nipples lay under.

I found myself pushing back, deciding if I was to take him, I would do it on my terms. He gasped as I thrust back against him, all his thoughts of domination gone. I thanked the Gods he had managed to lubricate his cock before starting this.

He stumbled backwards and landed on his backside, his robes open and his hard cock pointing up. I picked up my wand and rendered myself nude, letting him worship me with his eyes before I straddled him.

I slowly inserted him, watching his face as I did so.

<i>“Please, Gels—“</i> he panted as I watched him squirm underneath me.

<i>“Please what?”</i> I asked, a smirk crossing my lips.

<i>“I want to love you, please let me love you,”</i> he whispered.

His words surprised me. Lust I could understand, but <i>love?</i>

Love was even better! It would make him see what I was talking about! I could show him everything now because he loved me!

I pumped on top of him, making him groan and finally growl out my name as he reached his climax. I was lucky enough to have another, spending myself on his silk shirt.

I rolled off him and magicked the mess away and our clothes back in their proper places.

I watched his face as he watched me. I reached a finger up and ran it along the bridge of her perfectly straight nose and he closed his eyes, sighing all the while.

<i>“I have some notes I’d like you to look over. I think you might find them interesting.”</i>